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  1. Hi guys, It's a long story: http://mimurayoko.blogspot.tw/2011/09/faded-glory-story-of-mimura-yoko-seal.html Cheers, B
  2. Just work out the sample, will fix some details. Thanks buddy!
  3. Thanks buddy! The full view for front & back: http://mimurayoko.blogspot.com/2012/01/fan...l-2b-light.html
  4. Hi Will, Thanks for the comment, I made them by myself in my workshop. B
  5. I made this jacket recently, Have fun! Birdie http://mimurayoko.blogspot.com/2012/01/mim...collection.html
  6. Dear ALL, It's the repro which made in my workshop on 2006. This seller re-sell my repro item as real VN items. I never sell my repros as real. Thank you. Birdie US COUNTRY STORE(TAIWAN)
  7. Dear All, It's Tiger year in the Orient, With my best wishes, B
  8. Hi David, It's a nice reproduction from Japan, Please find the link: http://www.advisors.jp/ http://www.advisors.jp/reproduction/index.html Cheers, Birdie
  9. Hi there, It looks like a rain coat cutting. Cheers, B
  10. Dear Bebel, Very nice collection! Especially the P-1 & P-3 flight helmet. Here is the P-4B from my collection. Best, Birdie
  11. Thank you very much Mr-X! Best, Birdie
  12. Hi there, I took some photos for my friend-Mr.CHAO, Old fashion style photo. Just for fun! Cheers, Birdie
  13. Hi There, There is the scan from DMP, Disruptive Pattern Material, ISBN 0-9543404-0-X. For your reference. Cheers, Birdie
  14. Nice photos! One question, you guys captured the American Flag after patrols or? B
  15. Hello Guys, There are some photos from my friend "PINEAPPLE", Korea. "PINEAPPLE" is a cool guy. Enjoy the photos! Birdie
  16. Hi Martin, The PLAYBOY is one of the best things what we fight for freedom! Birdie
  17. Hi David, Thanks for your comment. I like the Mickey helmet! Birdie
  18. Thanks for the comment. I made these Tiger Stripe replica. The fabric as the same as what I made the SEAL vest, Modern CONMAR zippers, '70's CWU-27/P cutting. I'm the shop owner of US COUNTRY STORE/MIMURA YOKO. http://www.wretch.cc/blog/mimurayoko I'll make Tigersuit in K-2B & USN 5390G cutting soon. Cheers, Birdie
  19. Dear All, Please find the pictures, and thanks for your comment. Cheers, Birdie
  20. The Mandarin, from left to right, " TO"-"GEE"- "SHIAO"-"TSU-WU", means "Assault Team", this one is right. But the upper one , the First and second characters are wrong, like "MAY"-" ? "-"SHIAO"-"TSU-WU". Birdie
  21. It's a pretty bad experience!
  22. Hi Tigerman, Just read the attached photo and you wiil find the way. And thanks for promoting my Mitchell Pattern vest, If you need more photos, please let me know, or you can visit: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/mimurayoko Birdie
  23. Hi BOLO, I collect CWU-1/P, too, Please find the attached photos, the CWU-1/P orange version with gold/black & silver/black label, but both of them dated 1961. BTW, thanks for promoting my replica Tiger Stripe M-1 helmet cover, If you need more photos, please let me know. Cheers, Birdie
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