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  1. Hi guys, It's a long story: http://mimurayoko.blogspot.tw/2011/09/faded-glory-story-of-mimura-yoko-seal.html Cheers, B
  2. Just work out the sample, will fix some details. Thanks buddy!
  3. Thanks buddy! The full view for front & back: http://mimurayoko.blogspot.com/2012/01/fan...l-2b-light.html
  4. Hi Will, Thanks for the comment, I made them by myself in my workshop. B
  5. I made this jacket recently, Have fun! Birdie http://mimurayoko.blogspot.com/2012/01/mim...collection.html
  6. Dear ALL, It's the repro which made in my workshop on 2006. This seller re-sell my repro item as real VN items. I never sell my repros as real. Thank you. Birdie US COUNTRY STORE(TAIWAN)
  7. Dear All, It's Tiger year in the Orient, With my best wishes, B
  8. Hi David, It's a nice reproduction from Japan, Please find the link: http://www.advisors.jp/ http://www.advisors.jp/reproduction/index.html Cheers, Birdie
  9. Hi there, It looks like a rain coat cutting. Cheers, B
  10. Dear Bebel, Very nice collection! Especially the P-1 & P-3 flight helmet. Here is the P-4B from my collection. Best, Birdie
  11. Thank you very much Mr-X! Best, Birdie
  12. Hi there, I took some photos for my friend-Mr.CHAO, Old fashion style photo. Just for fun! Cheers, Birdie
  13. Hi There, There is the scan from DMP, Disruptive Pattern Material, ISBN 0-9543404-0-X. For your reference. Cheers, Birdie
  14. Nice photos! One question, you guys captured the American Flag after patrols or? B
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