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  1. Way late to the discussion here, but I didn't/don't see any issues with this this jacket at all. Patch is a good one. Nice score to a well known 8th AAF bomb group. Enjoy. JD
  2. Only buy what you know my friend.....plus I know of a nice AVG banner out there waiting! 😉 J
  3. I have a original copy too that is part of a 4th FG pilots group I own. It doesn't seem like many of these change hands. When they do, they can get pricey.... JD
  4. JDK

    CNAC wing

    CNAC wings seem to be getting spendy indeed.....I saw a 3 inch wing sell for $2,500 not long ago and a matching set of a 1inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch sell for $5,500. I remember when these were $900.....should have bought more back then I guess!! JD
  5. Small world. The flag was indeed signed Dec. of 45 at Yokosuka as marked on the flag. Thanks for the info. I will definitely keep you in mind. JD
  6. Just my humble opinion, but a original jacket with this kind of artwork would bring 4K all day on the open market and with some provenance and other items potentially more. Also as mentioned, insure it for at least 5k if not more. Dave brings up some great points as well, have to be careful out there. Fraudulent deals/sellers are becoming more of a regularity. JD
  7. Yep. As already mentioned, No original WW2 U.S. jackets were made in China. As mentioned, must be a modern jacket.
  8. Love the logbook and great photos. Thanks again for sharing this super cool group. JD
  9. Great group. I was in on this one as well. Good to see a forum member got it and will appreciate it. JD
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