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  1. Glad you all enjoyed it. I thought it was informative and well done. Frank
  2. Maybe most of you have seen this but just in case. This retired Army officer gives a nice talk about the tank, crew and gear. https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4856675/user-clip-world-war-ii-m4-sherman-tank Regards, Frank
  3. Great looking disc! Do you have a display for your disc collection? Frank
  4. Beautiful disc with a great connection! Frank
  5. Another great badge! A courageous but tragic legacy for the 1st Minnesota. I enjoy reading Bruce Cattons books. Frank
  6. Great room! I really enjoy seeing the mannequins with full field gear! Frank
  7. Very cool to have a bringback display like that in your collection! Frank
  8. Very cool pistol and great photos! My Father told me that he was going to bring back a couple of Lugers and a couple of P-38’s but my Mother (they were engaged at the time) said that she didn’t want weapons in their house. So he sold them on the troop ship during the trip home. Frank
  9. Dom, Thanks for your response. I believe it was a US produced booklet. I’m trying to remember more of the books content but I don’t recall anything British about it.
  10. Hello All, About 20 years ago my Father gave me his small suitcase of his WWII ETO bringbacks. When I was a child he allowed me to play with most of the suitcase items as long as I would put everything back. One of the items was a US field manual that was no longer in the suitcase when he gave it to me. Over the years of my collecting I’ve never seen another one like it. I don’t remember the title of the manual but I can still remember some of the content. It had photos of how to sneak up on a German soldier/sentry and kill him with piano wire (knee in the middle of the back and pulling back on the wire around the Germans neck). I remember a 2 page drawing of a field with camouflaged and hidden enemy snipers and other weapons and I think it described how to scan the field to spot the hidden enemy. Could anyone tell me what that manual was? Does anyone have an example of this manual that could post photos? My Father was a tanker in the 8th Armored Division. I don’t know if that was something that was issued to him or how he ended up with it. I don’t know if I’ve provided enough information but I appreciate any help! Thanks and regards, Frank
  11. You certainly have the material for a nice little Civil War ID book! Another cool disc! Frank
  12. Very cool that you have a Navy disc! Frank
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