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  1. That’s a great looking display! A little of everything to tell the story! Frank
  2. Thanks for commenting! I also was wondering if there was a number missing. The number may look a little off center because of the warpage of the brim and the placement of the chinstrap slider?
  3. Mike, my wife also said she noticed ghosting on the crown also. I was thinking that it was just wear marks but I wasn’t sure. It would make sense though because of the a big open space between the C and the 7. The prongs for the brass are not poked through the liner. I can feel them folded between the crown and the liner. I don’t see any holes in the liner that look like stitching or prongs to hold any insignia. I’ll look closer because there may be more evidence. Thanks again for your kind comments! Frank
  4. AustinO and Mike thank you for your comments! Mike, what I know about the badges is that they may be or are company letter and regimental number. There’s probably no way to be sure that these have been on the cap since the Civil War? I don’t usually see period photos where they are spaced this far apart unless there was another insignia in between them. I don’t think I see any evidence that shows that there was any other insignia on the crown. Thanks again! Frank
  5. Hello All, I would appreciate any comments or observations on this cap. Thanks in advance for any help! Best regards, Frank
  6. That is a fantastic looking helmet! Frank
  7. I’ve been enjoying seeing all these amazing images! It would be hard to pick a favorite. Each one has character with unique content! Here are the only two that I own. They’re not as outstanding as the ones that have been shared so far but I like having a couple of common soldier images with my collection. One image is quite dark and needs to be looked at in certain angles to see more clearly. I like that the soldier is in full battle kit. The other is simple but he has the linen strap for his canteen visible and he’s holding a pair of spectacles (a little hard to make out). I’ll look forward t
  8. Those crossed cannons do stand out on a very nice badge! Frank
  9. Great photo to go with this very interesting grouping! Both brothers survived the war but they lost each other anyway. Frank
  10. That is an amazing box of history! Great that you have that cool photo of the soldier to go with his fantastic bringbacks! Frank
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