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  1. Does anyone know of any good reproductions of the 1832 Artillery Short Sword?
  2. Hello, so I recently got a document grouping to a KIA marine and I would like to have displayed on the wall. So I bought a 24x36 picture frame and aligned the document in the frame and put some cardboard in the back to make it tighter so the documents won’t move. I hanged it up and after a day all of them moved. Any suggestions on how I could hold them in place inside the frame without damaging the documents? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I know this was posted a while ago, but your relative was in the 9th New York Volunteer Infantry regiment. It was formed by Rush C Hawkins in 1861, and was made into a Zouave unit which they would wear a French Zouave/ Algerian Zouave mix. They were kinda like the special forces, but for the civil war. They participated in Battle of Forts Clark and Hatteras Battle of Roanoke Island Battle of Elizabeth City Battle of South Mills Battle of Antietam Battle of Fredericksburg Siege of Suffolk New York Draft Riots At the battle of Antietam they suffered heavy casualties sufferi
  4. Hello, so I was just looking on eBay and I found these 1st marine division dress blues that are Identified. I did some research on the guy and in the muster rolls it says he was in a marine Airwing the whole war. I'm a little suspicious because why would have he got a 1st marine division patch on his dress blues?
  5. Yea a really nice group you got there! Definitely gonna think about it and consider buying.
  6. Ok thanks I was just making sure, because its a lot of money and i wouldn't wanna waste my money on something put together.
  7. He says the Silver Star and Purple Heart are ww2 era he received them during the battle of Aachen
  8. Hello, I dont buy from eBay often but when I do i wanna make sure everything is real. The WWII Korea Vietnam 3rd Armored Division grouping caught my eye when i seen it what do you guys think? He says its all from a estate sale. The veterans name is Colonel Basil L “Mish” Mishtowt
  9. Hello, a while back I bought this 1853 pattern enfield bayonet civil war era and theres this marking that I can't identify anyone know what it means?
  10. Hello, I recently had some WW2 743rd tank battalion maps came in with a recent grouping and I've been trying to get them framed but its a awkward size. Any of you know or had experience with any good custom framing business's/websites if so please let me know since i would really love to get these maps famed and put into my display!
  11. Always nice to see very nice groupings with lots of history behind them!
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