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  1. Hello, so I was just looking on eBay and I found these 1st marine division dress blues that are Identified. I did some research on the guy and in the muster rolls it says he was in a marine Airwing the whole war. I'm a little suspicious because why would have he got a 1st marine division patch on his dress blues?
  2. Yea a really nice group you got there! Definitely gonna think about it and consider buying.
  3. Ok thanks I was just making sure, because its a lot of money and i wouldn't wanna waste my money on something put together.
  4. He says the Silver Star and Purple Heart are ww2 era he received them during the battle of Aachen
  5. Hello, I dont buy from eBay often but when I do i wanna make sure everything is real. The WWII Korea Vietnam 3rd Armored Division grouping caught my eye when i seen it what do you guys think? He says its all from a estate sale. The veterans name is Colonel Basil L “Mish” Mishtowt
  6. Hello, a while back I bought this 1853 pattern enfield bayonet civil war era and theres this marking that I can't identify anyone know what it means?
  7. Hello, I recently had some WW2 743rd tank battalion maps came in with a recent grouping and I've been trying to get them framed but its a awkward size. Any of you know or had experience with any good custom framing business's/websites if so please let me know since i would really love to get these maps famed and put into my display!
  8. Always nice to see very nice groupings with lots of history behind them!
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