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  1. Nice knife with original sheath! Glad you found one!
  2. Your welcome. I had actually found an old thread on the scabbards on google which then referred to this Forum. I tried to find it going directly on our Forum but it did not show up on my search. I'm sure its there but may be way back. Your knife is in much better shape than mine as my handle has some large cracks in it. I'm hoping to find a way to fill them in with a glue / leather mixture. I wonder if anyone has any good ways to repair the crack on these old leather washers.
  3. Great looking scabbard, glad to see another like mine. Is that a dated PAL knife as well?
  4. Looking closely it does appear as if there could have been another lace/staple on the right side. I'm sure the scabbard is righteous and it may very well be a wartime production variation or a field modification.
  5. Thank you both for the help and information. Interesting to see that they are all connected inside. Also I did read, ( I think in Bill Walters Book ) the Dated Pal M3's came with Moose sheaths. This is consistent with my set. Again, thank you both !
  6. Just picked up this Pal blade dated M3 knife with this M6 Moose scabbard. Knife has the pommel pinned on with two pins as their dated M3's were. The sheath looks good but I did notice only 8 staples guides at the throat. From what I've read the Moose scabbards had 10 staples. The sheath looks fine to me and the wear matches the knife. Any thoughts on the difference in staples?
  7. Great photo! Thanks for sharing it. Always cool to see them in wear.
  8. Wow 38 buttons per uniform is a lot! That is interesting , I better get back to that field. Thanks for sharing that.
  9. Good deal, thanks for the clarification.
  10. Thank you, it was good timing I guess. Could either of you tell me how the hash marks work? I have forgotten. I recall a bit about having to do with time in combat or service.
  11. Wanted to share this antique store find while traveling out West last Fall. Both patches are bullion type. It is dated 1942 on the label inside the pocket. Jacket has some moth damage but not too bad. I know the CBI patch is fairly common but I believe the Bullion Ledo Road is scarce.
  12. Thanks, always fun to find the old stuff.
  13. Glad to share it. It was found at an old Tavern site that is now a farm field, Upstate NY.
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