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  1. Here are the pictures. Thanks for the help. I'll try and read the liner maker. It's a fixed bail helmet
  2. Can't figure out how to post direct pictures. It used to work fine but the links should work if they are copied and pasted
  3. Hello all, Haven't posted in a while. Work has been out of control. Having said this though. An extended family member discovered his fathers WW2 helmet and equipment. He was a landing craft operator during the D Day invasion. This is the helmet and equipment he found. Can anyone help with history behind the orange square and so on and so forth. Really any help would be appreciated. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v726/cszakolczai/9624775C-12A4-49EF-A4DD-A9927A87EE90_zpskb9adl8p.jpg"]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v726/cszakolczai/9624775C-12A4-49EF-A4DD-A9927A87EE90_zpskb9adl
  4. The badge is really nice. Gold filled by E&R. They are a high quality company and many of their badges fetch some big bucks. The catch looks to be an older catch so it may very well have come from the same grouping all together. I will run the badge by a friend to see if he can date the makers mark.
  5. If youre talking about the middle piece, it could be an extension for the leash... or it could be for the dog tag or anything really. I've never seen something like that in particular. I have a bunch of friends in K9, I'll check around for you. Would you be willing to sell one of the dog muzzles?
  6. I love this helmet. For a second I thought someone else, other than you terry, found something from the 240th AHC I almost emptied my bank account haha. Amazing helmet
  7. Definitely not common. Pretty nice to have. I've Been trying to find a set for a while now.
  8. Definitely not common. Pretty nice to have. I've Been trying to find a set for a while now.
  9. They wore an airborne tab as well on some uniforms.
  10. "help stamp out the drug bug" what is that one from?
  11. I have a similar DI. It was an army navy store purchase. It looks identical to that DI.
  12. I am not trying to challenge you on the authenticity of the patches. I am just wondering how you picked up team worn peaches.
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