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  1. eBay item number: 353182579065 The New Jersey faker is at it again. We go through this every year. Nothing about this patch is real.
  2. I would say German. Here is a 91st Gemsco.
  3. The red border denotes being wounded in the battle.
  4. There are two ways to manufacture a blooded patch. One is embroidered the other is sewn on red felt
  5. The OCL should have a period after each letter and O.C.L. 1918 should be centered under U.S. 1918.
  6. I agree with type 1 after looking closer.
  7. Type 7 and the one with attached tab is type 3.
  8. I consider airborne infantry. After you step out the door of the plane you are walking. Airplane truck boat train is just transportation. That's just my way of thinking. I have 2 type ones and 1 type 2. The longer I look at them they look same. I had James look at them. He told me which is which. Do you collect the other airborne divisions as well?
  9. That book is very good. I collect mainly WW2 infantry divisions. I have all the greenback and 480 variations of the greenbacks. I don't collect any past VE day and VJ day. Top kick is one of three that I trust on airborne patches. I still have problems telling the difference between type 1 and type 2.
  10. Here is a type 10 one piece. I doubt this is a WW2.
  11. Yes. Type 1-9 is WW2. Type 10 was made from WW2 to early Viet Nam. The best way to identify WW2 type 10 would be on a uniform with provenance. Shown on pages 48-49 of Kevin Delaitre's book 101st airborne is a type 7 dated 1943.
  12. Type 7 black back is correct. I posted mine like this in an earlier post. Your green insert is correct. Here is my green and blue inserts
  13. It is hard to find original pictures of the backs of airborne because most people take pictures of the front of people. Battle dressings were worn mostly on the backside. You learned two things today. I looked through all the airborne pictures I have.
  14. It is not a reenactor. It is from a book written by Chistophe Deschodt. Are you telling me airborne were not issued a battle dressing?
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