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  1. I would say German. Here is a 91st Gemsco.
  2. The red border denotes being wounded in the battle.
  3. There are two ways to manufacture a blooded patch. One is embroidered the other is sewn on red felt
  4. The OCL should have a period after each letter and O.C.L. 1918 should be centered under U.S. 1918.
  5. I agree with type 1 after looking closer.
  6. Type 7 and the one with attached tab is type 3.
  7. I consider airborne infantry. After you step out the door of the plane you are walking. Airplane truck boat train is just transportation. That's just my way of thinking. I have 2 type ones and 1 type 2. The longer I look at them they look same. I had James look at them. He told me which is which. Do you collect the other airborne divisions as well?
  8. That book is very good. I collect mainly WW2 infantry divisions. I have all the greenback and 480 variations of the greenbacks. I don't collect any past VE day and VJ day. Top kick is one of three that I trust on airborne patches. I still have problems telling the difference between type 1 and type 2.
  9. Here is a type 10 one piece. I doubt this is a WW2.
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