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  1. Just wondering what era this EGA cap badge is. I assume WW2? Cheers & thank you!
  2. Not sure what this patch is. Looks USA to me. Sub hunters? Any thoughts Cheers
  3. Bought a bag of stuff over the weekend. Anything interesting in the batch of ribbon bars? Im no expert in dog tags but it looks like theyre all over the board from WW2 - Desert Storm? Cheers!!!
  4. Im not good at these Tigers. This shirt late war type?? Stamped US then S underneath Thanx for any opinions. Cheers
  5. Just saw a similar pair of pants on Ebay listed as Experimental.
  6. Sounds about right. Will look into this. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Tried to figure out what this one is. Im sure its completely obvious and its just me... Indian or immigration or something???
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