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  1. Welcome Rez, You've got a world of expertise and experience here. Study, review, search, and ask away!
  2. Stories like THIS are why I love hanging out here. 1) Nicely done, Jeff. 2) Welcome home, Private Foley.
  3. Great display! It is impressive how you pieced everything together. But the crown jewels are your uncle's first hand accounts. Those are part of American history. Thanks very much for sharing!
  4. Like and appreciate both examples. The tight, clean, DAF patch in the original post and the been there, done that, theater made, classic posted as follow up are both nice specimens. Thanks to both posters.
  5. Nice work! I can imagine working in a hotel room comes with a unique set of challenges. But I can almost hear the housekeeper coming home at the end of the day and telling the family, "You will NOT believe what the guy in 218 is doing!"
  6. Nice detective work! I really enjoy seeing puzzles like this being solved.
  7. Terrific work and a nice homage to your family members.
  8. Great pictures! I'm especially drawn to the ones of Sammy Davis Jr. Three of them look like he's doing his show out in the boonies somewhere...and giving it his all. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Curious about that one also. Not an ordnance guy so forgive the basic, wild guess, but is that an example of the "glass ones that the mine detectors don't pick up" mentioned by Capt Miller in one of the early scenes of "Saving Private Ryan"? Also, I got to the Chickasha show about 15 minutes after it opened on Friday and saw the "SOLD" sign on the 1,000 pounder. I thought to myself "Jeez, how early do you have to get to these shows if you're collecting 1,000 pound bombs!? Those munitions guys are motivated!" Nice haul!
  10. Just wanted to give the Heartland - Chickasha OK show a bump here. I attended the show Friday 18 Sep and - as of this post - there are still 2 full days left to run. Heartland - Chickasha is a great show! If you've been on the fence about attending (a long drive? COVID restrictions? quantity/quality of vendors?) you can put your concerns to rest and head on over! There are 2 FULL halls of vendors, the quality of vendors it quite good, and there's something for everybody (all eras, modellers, edged weapons, uniforms, field gear, wings & badges, etc.) I made the dri
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