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  1. Great jacket, nice pickup. Recommendation - When I looked at the nametag I read "Macauley". If your "Maeavley" search winds up a dead end, give "Macauley" a try. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Great display! Thrilled to hear that so many people came out and that you received an overwhelmingly positive response.
  3. Welcome. This is a great community made up of experts on all things US military (patches, 1,000 pound bombs, gas masks, sewing kits...). Dive in - learn - share...but mostly, enjoy!
  4. Cutter tags? Here's a item on Ebay with all of its cutter tags in place. Size and location match to the two, symmetrically placed, defined, shapes on the Airman's shirt. Maybe the cadet was in such a hurry to get a picture with Mom and Dad - and wanting to look razor sharp, grabbed his newest freshest uniform - and overlooked a couple of small details. Wouldn't be to silliest thing a Cadet/2nd Lieutenant ever did. "Are they something?" Well, nothing official. My guess is it's a case of Lieutenant enthusiasm getting in the way of at
  5. Terrific work! Thanks for being his caretaker. I really enjoy how you weave the story of the man together with a specific ship and then frame both within the context of a world at war. Nicely done!
  6. Must be slow...because this IS an awesome find. I spent a good deal of time reading her letter and trying to figure out if she's one of the nurses in the group photo. My guess is that she's front row, fifth from left. That's the look of a woman who would close a letter "All my love always" Thanks for sharing!
  7. Oh...heck yes. There are two major - and usually opposing - forces in play here. 1. Economics - the things that are being sold are just that - things - to the seller. Very generally speaking* it doesn't matter if they're selling a vinyl record, an old suit jacket or a posthumous Purple Heart. The item is a commodity, COMPLETELY devoid of any emotional value. If they can sell the items for more money as a group of items ...they will. But the market for groupings is pretty narrow. It is limited to the type of folks who hang out on USMF. We attach a greater value to
  8. Missed this back in July. I absolutely love living history like this. Thanks for being his caretaker. Question - What is the anchor pin in the upper right hand corner?
  9. 1) "Were these types of paintings actually worn in “action”?" - No, the example above is the only painted, modern, A-2 I have seen in nearly 35 years. That is, since the A-2 was reintroduced in 1987-88. It is an unauthorized embellishment and goes well beyond any reasonable allowance of promoting unit esprit de corps. - Also, it may surprise some to know that the modern A-2 is not authorized for wear when performing "...flight duties.." This is because as a animal hide (skin) the A-2 has no fire resistant properties. It is plain foolish to wear an A-2 in flight because the weare
  10. This is great news. But I think the best part is that the final chapter hasn't been written, Lt Martyniak will be remembered through the generosity of his family and your efforts. And (many) years from now a new caretaker will have the opportunity to continue telling the "2Lt John A Martyniak, United States Army Air Forces" story.
  11. Those are impressive! Thanks for sharing.
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