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    Just about anything related to aviation, but mostly USAAF and early Luftwaffe (1935-40).
  1. On the heels of the 103rd birthday of the US Service Flag, on this US Veterans Day I would like to remember and thank those who have served (in all branches) - past and present. Thank you for your service.
  2. Kind of slow around the old homestead right now, so thought I'd post a photo of my Air Corps-related V-for-Victory pins. Would love to see others (any branch), so please post 'em if you got 'em. Scott
  3. In WWII, my step father was an enlisted flight engineer on Martin PBM Mariner aircraft. He is 95 now and can't recall if he wore a USN wing of some sort then or not. So I thought I'd ask the forum: would such a crew position earn a USN wing, and if so, what type? Thank you.
  4. Is this ribbon a 'son-in-service' or a production award-type pin? I know these have been discussed before, but my list of key words in the search function came up empty.
  5. Thanks aznation, I can see what you're saying, and it makes sense here. My vision is jaded by all the V-for-victory pins that were so prevalent at the time.
  6. Always wondered about the symbolism of the inverted V in these - Mason perhaps?
  7. Thanks gents - those little gems can be addicting!
  8. Rusty, I took another look at the back of my wings, and I believe you're right: it once had a tie clip like that shown above. Thank you for your help with this. The wing makes a nice addition to my AAF-related homefront/sweetheart pins.
  9. Wow Rusty, some great info there on Victory Field insignia - thank you. Hard to say what the bar is on the back of my wings - it's just a curved bar. I think what looks like a solder point on the right side is just a bit of age. Perhaps it was never finished?
  10. I did a search (here and in the wing badges forum) and came up empty handed. Is the wing below a homefront/sweetheart item? 2-3/4 inches wide and unmarked. Not sure what the item on the back is - a tie clasp of some sort? (wing isn't mine). Thanks for any insight.
  11. Thanks for the replies. So the usual red border surrounding a white field with a blue star (or gold for KIA) was patented? Is there more info on this patent? The 'service flag' wiki article says use of the design was via government license. The complete pin is posted below.
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