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  1. This listing is still live just looked it up, I was scrolling through his other helmet listings and its pretty amusing to me how every helmet he has for sale has some sort of painted insignia on it. Hell, he even has a three star general's helmet for sale lmao. Just seeing so many different examples for sale like that throws up red flags. Looks like he is putting those amateur art classes he took to good use.
  2. Comparison of both patterns of the jungle side. Does anyone notice how the camo shapes look a little bit bigger on the P42's? I thought they were supposed to be the same size. The P44's are on the left and the P42's are on the right.
  3. Here is another of the buttons close up.
  4. Another comparison. P42's on the left and P44's on the right.
  5. The first photo is an Example of the pacman that are most prevalent on the pants. The second photo below is the only pacman that is like that on the trousers.
  6. Example of the pacman on the P42 Jacket.
  7. Here are a set of P44's on the right and the P42's on the left. Notice how the pacmen on both are different. There is a spot of fabric on the P44 that has one pacman like the examples displayed on the 42's on the left.
  8. Here are photos of the back of the snaps on the pants, notice how they have no maker marks. Is that normal?
  9. @ GIJive and kammo-man, Thanks for answering the question I had for the post. I was noticing some prior posts on the forum that mentioned that the backs of the snap buttons on the pants had maker marks like "Scoville" or other companies. My set of 44's has them on the back, however this set of P42's in the post does not. I'll post pics below. Just would like to know if some pairs don't have makers marks for future reference, I'm sure that other future collectors who read this would also find it helpful as this is not mentioned in any of the reference books I own, (dungarees and frogskin or gruntgear). I also know I may be overthinking this or nitpicking to the nth degree, but I did notice that the pac man patterns are different on the jacket and the trousers, if it was made from the same fabric rolls I wonder why they would look different. Ill post some examples below. I thought all the pac men on these looked the same, I realized they don't once I also compared my set of 44's to the 42's. Were both variants were made from the same fabric pattern? I also realize that quality control was probably not the greatest then lol.
  10. Hi Owen: I plan to display on a mannequin in the near future. Just need to pick up a few more pieces of field gear to make it a proper display. Just was asking about a safe method of storing it in the mean time.
  11. @ Kurt Barickman: I agree 100%! They are my favorite uniform as well. @ Mike Korea: Thanks Mike. The book grunt gear mentions that only 120,000 of them were made. No wonder why they are scarce nowadays.
  12. @Beer Dragon and b_hinch: Thank you! How do you all store these uniforms to preserve them and prevent them from fading, molding or deteriorating?
  13. Thanks Robin. Couldn't believe how light they were at first, for some reason the jacket feels a ton heavier than the pants
  14. I apologize for the horizontal photos I have no idea what happened, normally posts with original format somehow the format changed.
  15. Photos of the stitching on Jacket
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