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  1. Randy, I dont think this variation is particularly rare or valuable. It is certainly distinct. Travis
  2. The three on the left are repros. The three on the right are original. In my opinion....
  3. Also, here is another that uses a similar style of pinback, though it is unmarked and I'm not certain of its era. Perhaps its the elusive Australian made CIB? Still have yet to see one of those.....
  4. I pulled out my examples that match the one you posed, they are the three on the left. The three on the right are WWII era British IMO and all are makers marked. Of those on the left, they range in pliability from soft to hard with the softest on bottom and hardest on top. The top left badge is about as pliable as the three badges in the right column. Interesting that none of them get the enamel color right, the top left badge looks painted? Notice the similar tool marks on yours and the three in the left column. Same indentations on the reverse, just to
  5. Its certainly made to look like a WWII British made CIB, but I don't believe it's from that era. Much poorer quality, softer metal, different production style, wreath is wrong. It's a repro in my opinion.
  6. I'd guess Japanese based on the pattern of the rifle, but I've never seen a wreath pattern like that before. Not sure I've seen a definitively Korean made bullion CIB before, so tough to know for sure. My vote is Japanese
  7. Killer group, I love the certificate! Also, that is some great bullion, love the wreath design.
  8. Great badge Jim! Those Ludlow badges are the best English made metal badges in my opinion.
  9. Perhaps another missing name from the 3rd award roster? Didn't find mention of him elsewhere on the forum, quick internet search shows him wearing a 2nd award CIB in March 1968, so maybe he rotated into Vietnam and earned the 3rd award towards the end of the war as the CSM of 199th LIB later in 1968? CSM Othon O. Valent
  10. Great badges Bob! I really like that unmarked boxed example. Was the wreath on the Vanguard modified or does it look to have been originally manufactured like that?
  11. Andy, Nice badge, Myers badges constructed like this are routinely found, though I don't consider them common. I don't think this is a WWII era badge, I believe this is a late 40s to 50s era badge based on the boxed examples I have and the contributions from other members. Important to note that while the badge might have been made in the 40/50s, it might have not been purchased by the Solider for use until the 60s which muddies the timeline for collectors.
  12. Two matching named uniforms with direct embroidered CIBs and theater made 25th ID patches.
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