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  1. +1 to the "full of surprises". Great helmet and research!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Didnt see this as I'm not on Facebook (and not on hunt for another VN Helm) but always good to look out for each other and alert the peoples
  3. Thanks for the Warm Welcome everyone!
  4. He was looking at one that was 5K and he was saying there was one for 15K. Im not sure which one this is. I did offer the advice saying maybe buy the Cheaper of the 2 if this is your 1st collectible. For example I didn't buy a Named with Insignia Paratrooper helmet for my 1st M1 Helmet or some German Para one for $20,000. I started small .... only slowly go up for "better" things the more I learn about them and realize that this is becoming a serious passion of mine. Just my opinion though. I guess some say "Go Big or Go Home"
  5. Zing! Well if I evolve to Civil War Ill have to stop back here but I will be involved in the WW2 area here and post some helmets so hope to bump into you guys again!
  6. Awesome ... Thank you .... passing this info along !
  7. Thank you guys! ...Anyone familiar with this dealer ? And Thank you moderator for posting pics (is there a trick for future postings of my M1 helmets or they just all have to be under what size...I will also reference the forum guidelines ...duh ...standby)
  8. Hi Guys - Pardon if this is the wrong place for this. I do not collect civil war era items but helping a friend authenticate his item. It is from Jeff Bridgmans website? In my world of WW2 helmets lots are fake and I told him that so he naturally got paranoid. As far as US Flags go I dont know if they are commonly forged or the 1st thing about these. I Appreciate your help so I may assist him. Any info or observations, minefields about collecting these to pass along is helpful. Thanks! PS - I downloaded the High Res Photos but was informed they were too big for this uploader Here is the Link ... https://jeffbridgman.com/inventory/index.php?page=out&id=2649 Description from Website ....... 36 star American parade flag, printed on cotton and bearing a beautiful medallion configuration of stars. This is a great example of folk art in Civil War-era flag-making. Note how the stars are rather large for the size of the canton and that they are tilted in various directions, arms intertwined, so as to fit into tighter circles. Also note that the spacing between the stars is irregular. But perhaps the best design characteristic is the huge haloed center star that measures 6" in diameter. Not only is this one of the boldest, wreath pattern designs, it is also one of the largest, medallion pattern, printed varieties known to exist.
  9. Hi guys I am indeed new here (would not have fallin for this one though ). Im sure there is PLENTY of history here on this forum to catch up on and I look forward to it. My question is .... in authenticating M1 markings from WW2...For this instance...we can just say "white" (Airborne Markings, Rank Insignia). What exactly am I looking for exactly? Looking to learn. Than 1 day ... I can pass it on. Thanks! Zach
  10. Hi Guys Just wanted to say a quick hello. Im a fellow collector in the US with some interesting US Helms. I more active in the German Steel Helmet forum world but EQUALLY love and enjoy all US Helmets and the history that they hold. I shall defintely post some of mine as time goes on and looks forward to getting to know you. Best, Zach
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