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  1. Thank you all. I am 95+% certain it is in fact period and original, but an exotic variation. Came out of the woodwork in the 1980s I think, but not sure how to further define. I appreciate all the responses.
  2. Under Ebay name wings-patches I sold a wealth of fine items from a few old militaria collections. I started this past week once again. I only sell 100% original pieces and if I am in error on any posting I would appreciate a note correcting me from experts here. Focusing on WW2 squadron patches of the AAF and USMC. Airborne patches. Wings. Vietnam War patches. Some jackets and other memorabilia --- my collections dominate the Maguire books. My expertise is AAF and I'm hoping folks here can help me identify some Vietnam War and other unknowns in these old collections (accumulated in the 1980s-
  3. They also have this bad boy http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/21427/lot/270/ Unknown military uniform. LOL Identify please?
  4. And if you have a couple of million in the piggy bank you can own a Maltese Falcon. The John Wayne Hat is spectacular, he wore it in 6 of his movies, but it too costs a pretty penny. Also there are some very cool items which are bargains such as the E.T. mushroom, the Gentlemen Pref Blondes poster a steal under $1,000, I'm thinking of bidding on the John Wayne suit from Pittsburgh, the Buck Jones poster from The Deadline (KNOCKOUT!) and also the super-cheap Joel McCrae title art used for Wichita. Turner Classic Movies and Bonhams did a fine job of curating the material. Much better than the
  5. fwiw very little righteous Apocalypse Now memorabilia has surfaced. One of the reasons is filming was done in the Philippines under awful conditions and most everything was abandoned in situ. Recently a very few pieces have appeared on the market. I've been asked by militaria collector friends about this and thought I'd give the board a head's up on the Bonhams auction where it is up for sale next Monday night. There are five lots and they are killer -- lot #s 281- 285. One is a skull from Captain Kurtz's (Brando) compound, another is Colonel Kilgore's (Duvall) helicopter insignia orig
  6. How pathetic. You're not even decent enough to apologize when you are wrong. It wasn't about "legal rights", about which I am certain I am more familiar than you, it was about simple courtesy. Don't bother replying, I won't be reading anything else you post, you've shown your true colors and they ain't pretty. Go play with your wings.
  7. You posted my 100% correct A&C wing holding it up to some scrutiny entirely without my permission nor with an attribution. At the very least you could have had the simple decency and courtesy to inform people from whom this rare and correct badge might be acquired. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I seem to recall you recently took a potshot at me on this site, confusing me with a less meticulous seller who also sold some less than perfectly authenticated items from the same collection. Slurs seem to come easily to you, try balancing the karma next time. You may be a wing aficionado but whe
  8. "If, however, your conscience is so guilty that that is how you've chosen to perceive the remark, then you'll have to address that with the man in the mirror." Civility breached: my point proven.
  9. I wasn't going to add a post here, but given that I am a Ebay seller/consignee of this patch, and given that Bob Chatt has alluded to my reading the posts, I thought I might chime in, more in line with what the estimable Bill Scott said than in defense of the patch. As to the patch, I showed all the SF patches to Bob in person, and showed the wings and squadron patches to John Conway in person. There are no two people whose essential honesty and expertise I would trust more in these respective fields. And furthermore neither is a "sharp dealer" in real life aside from the hobby, and beli
  10. A direct purchase years ago from USAF Colonel many years ago. I wonder if it is an EVALUATION & TESTING subset of matching design on 29th Tac Recon which he also served in. Large "jacket size" and appears to be theater-made.
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