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  1. Two of my favorite subjects, AEF Siberia and Camp Kearny. Those are great photos. When I check out the new San Diego Central Public Library, I might search the Union or Tribune archives for July 1919 for articles about the Czechs being at Camp Kearny. Not sure if the California Room has reopened at the Central Library.
  2. I agree M1917s would not have been used on the Punitive Expedition but M1917s probably did see some service on the US/Mexico Border in late 1917, 1918, and 1919. Until the mid 1920s, the Border Patrol was the US Army and the term Border Patrol was used to describe those US Army units assigned to the Border. In San Diego and Imperial Counties, the 1st Cavalry and 21st Infantry provided troops to patrol the border during WWI. Most of the troops left to patrol the border were regular Army but they could have been re-equipped with M1917s as they were brought up to strength. The 8th and 16th Di
  3. If I had to pick two campaigns that I am drawn to, it would be the American Expeditionary Force Siberia frm 1918 to 1920 and the campaign in the Aleutians. As I was telling my wife today, I like collecting stuff from incidents in US History where Americans were saying "Where are we?" and Why the hell are we here?". I think both campaigns qualify. Both also have strong connections to my home state of California.
  4. I'm amazed it is not made by Skillcraft or UNICOR.
  5. Jr. Collector, WWI is a great period to collect and I think it is still relatively reasonable to collect. As far as books, I really like the old World War One Collector's Handbook by Paul J Schulz, Hayes Otoupalik, and Dennis Gordan. Here is a link to places selling it http://www.hayesotoupalik.com/WW1%20U.S.%2...20Equipment.htm He is one of the authors and I think he will sign it before sending it out. It has some errors and omissions but it is worth the price and much cheaper than some of the newer books that I don't think are as useful. In addition to this book, I highly recomme
  6. This is not really the era I collect, but my Dad has several of these. It is a McKeever Cartridge Box used from the 1880s until approximately 1910. Since it is dyed black I would assume the loops are for 45/70 but it could be for 30/40 Krag. In the early 1900s, the cartridge box color changed from black to brown. These were worn in garrison as in the field cartridge/prairie belts were used. It is a little rough but it looks like it would clean up nicely. Ian
  7. I like the photo of the pack inspection, it looks like they are wearing the magazine pouch and the M1912 holster with the narrow 38 revolver ammo belt. I also like the one with the two wearing their round canteens. The one of the right looks like he is wearing the canteen with the haversack strap which I believe was a common practice. Great photos. Thank you for sharing. Ian
  8. Beautiful uniforms, the 40th Division uniform is particularly nice.
  9. It is a great "museum". I had to opportunity to visit it back in 2003. I was impressed they had some very rare WWI shells, grenades, and other ordnance, and the Sgt showing around told me they get called out alot to deal with WWI and WWII ordnance. I assume even more since the US Army finally moved their EOD unit out of Fort Rosecrans. Thanks for posting the photos. Ian
  10. Prior to 2002, I believe the second oldest ship in the US Navy, the USS Constitution being the oldest, had the honor of flying the 1st Navy Jack. Not sure what the current status is of the 1st Navy Jack on US Navy ships, it has been a long time since I've been to the wet side of 32nd Street Naval Station. Has anyone seen a US Navy marked 1st Navy Jack for sale? I only see the mass market 1st Navy Jacks for sale and quality of most of those is pretty aweful. Ian
  11. That is great to hear. When I saw it at Fort Bliss, it was in rough shape. I am glad to hear it will be restored. One of these days, I will have to get to Fort Sill, I really enjoyed the ADA museum when it was at Fort Bliss. Thank you for making this a priority. Any chance it can be marked to the 261 Coast Artillery, California National Guard? One of the first to see combat in WWII at Pearl Harbor and the 1st Battalion from San Diego was armed with M1918 AA guns. Ian
  12. Mario, I just saw the uniform and it is a great example of an 02 uniform. Glad to see you have some of your collection back out on display. Ian
  13. I would agree that even from WWII, US Navy is fairly inexpensive as long as you stay away from Sub, Aviation, and Corpsman items. I've even seen some fairly reasonably priced Seabee stuff at shows from WWII. I found my WWII PO2 uniform in a pile of garbage being thrown out outside of a house here in North Park. Can't get more budget conscious than that. One thing I collect that is fairly reasonably priced is uniforms, emphera, and photos from training camps here in California from WWI and WWII. Some Camp Fremont items can command high prices, but Camp Roberts and Desert Training Cente
  14. Thank you for the compliments. It is a very interesting part of American history. It is definitely a misunderstood incident of US history. Reading through the literature regarding the expedition, you get the impression no one is quite sure why US soldiers were sent there and why they stayed through the winter of 1920. You also realize the animosity between the State and War Departments regarding the role of US troops in Russia. Active service in Siberia was probably similar to patroling the west which many of the regular officers and NCOs were probably used to. The type of service m
  15. Since I started collecting militaria, I've been interested in the American Expeditionary Force Siberia. I have accumulated a small collection of AEFS items over the years. The stuff is somewhat rare, but I have been pretty lucky finding some deals and having some very generous family and friends. I've attached a few photos of a display I put together yesterday. I don't have room to display my AEFS uniform or my copy of "Here and There with the 31st", but this is most of my AEFS collection other than some more photos and paperwork. The canteen cover is marked to the 31st Infantry, Supply C
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