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    Collecting WW-2 memorabilia (Navy china and flatware) and Luger pistols.
  1. This is my USN collection. The Knives are mostly the short blade variety. They are various manufactures (Diamond, MODERNAIRE, ONIEDA, and SILCO) I am curious about the stamp (small picture below) with 3-flowers and the letter "A".
  2. I'm and Army Brat and I come from a long line of service members. My German ancestors used to make military equipment and helmets in the 1600s. I am a former USNR aviator, who got into collecting WW-II era Navy mess items. I particularly enjoy collecting the US made stainless steel flatware, particularly those stamped "USN" or "USMC" and made during the WW-II era (not after 1960s). I also have a few small china plates and shallow soup bowls with a navy blue fouled anchor logo. History: Like many American's, I found myself using a old USN stamped spoon for cooking, passed down
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