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  1. These were in a foot locker, along with the veterans dogtags and a few other odds and ends. I have looked, but have not found these two. I was just wondering if they are a known, mass produced image or are they originals. Thanks for any help.
  2. Found this piece last week. Went to a ladies house to pick antiques for my shop. She had a 2' x 2' cork message board she had been gluing stuff to, mostly trinkets and patriotic, 4th of July type items. Saw this attached and ask her if she would sell it, she agreed and just pulled it off of the board. That was when I saw the names on the back. I posted this on the Facebook page and several members commented and helped with the names. One member was able to research and it looks like these guys belonged to the 506th FG. You just never know what you might find stuck to a board, out back in the s
  3. Looking for any info on this helmet. The black paint on the front and back are dull, the middle is glossy. Any input is appreciated.
  4. Here are those last two. Again, thanks for all the research help!!
  5. Thanks for doing all of this. It will be in the morning before I can do that, but I will get it for you.
  6. Some are hard to read, even with the quilt in hand. Pvt. Louis Cullum, 9th Co3rd, Reg. M.M. Air Service Pvt. Frank R. Diskey or Dirkey, Co. T, 605 Engineers Sgt. Walter O Keissler?? Batt 8, 104 Filed Artillery Pvt. Alex Rooks, A.R.D., 8th Batt. Corp. Leonard Finney?? Co. B 153rd Inf, Heavenly Camp Cpl Edward Pearrous?? Co. B 153th Inf Pvt. Clyde Pearrow 94th Casual Co. Pvt. Joseph V. Benoit Co. ?? 59th Inf Corp. Robt. H. Clark, Co. B 153 Inf Pvt. Harry A. Shelton?? 114th Hdq. T. & M.P., Medical Corps Pvt. Lawerence? C. Rotley? Co. B. 11th M.G. Ba. Pvt. W.A. Foste
  7. I found this in N.W. Mississippi. I will type up the names and add them to this post.
  8. Just picked this up and got it home. Pretty cool quilt, haven't started any research yet, but should be interesting. One of the soldiers, instead of AEF or a camp, says "Heavenly Camp". Any input on any of the veterans shown is appreciated.
  9. Looking for info on this hat. Everything about it reminds me of a military academy. Thanks for any help.
  10. Not really sure what these are call. Picked these up from the vet’s today. Great color and graphics.
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