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  1. Looking for info on this hat. Everything about it reminds me of a military academy. Thanks for any help.
  2. Not really sure what these are call. Picked these up from the vet’s today. Great color and graphics.
  3. Thanks for the help, gives me someplace to start reading about it.
  4. Fond it, thanks for the directions. It does match.
  5. I’m not seeing a number on the scabbard, I’ve tried to look it over carefully
  6. Got this from the veterans daughter today. She said he was with the 1st Calvary and was at Leyte. His name was William Caygle. She said he received 2 PHs, which she has. Any help with the sword would be great, this is m first one and I dont know anything.
  7. Thanks for all the help. I'm glad I have you guys as a resource.
  8. I was really surprised at the obituary matching the ribbons, that took some effort. I wonder if the little taste of fame with the fire was something he was hoping to capture again?
  9. I have gone thru every piece of paper and I see nothing about the Navy Cross or POW. He was the leader of the local VFW, maybe it was something they put together for the hall?
  10. In the papers I have found, including his two different divorce papers and suspended drivers license, I can see why he was in AA. He also was accused of getting a little punchy with his wife. I did find these pics. This was when he was getting the award for the Navy Marine medal because of the fire, so this was 1964.
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