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  1. Does anyone know anything about the poster shown here? Based on the units and insignia shown I would estimate that it was printed in mid 1986. I know that this poster only represent 1st SOCOM from inception to mid 1986. From mid 1986 through 1990 there are more units and insignia to fill out an expanded poster of 1st SOCOM which is my goal for display purposes. Just a general curiously of this poster is why I ask. I have seen many copies of it over the years at various shows and meetings so it was commercially printed. I received my copy from a fellow ASMIC member about 12
  2. Terry Buckler recently spoke at out local collectors club meeting. Was able to get a signed copy of his book. Looking forward to reading it.
  3. You might want to buy a copy of Geoff Barkers CD. Very useful.
  4. Working on the mock up for the RVN era USAF beret flash and device section of my collection. Does anyone know what device, if any, was worn by the enlisted troops on the flash of the 309th Special Operations Squadron? Thanks
  5. Does anyone have a firm ID on the middle ova design shown here?
  6. Does anyone have any supporting information for the Unconfirmed Variation of the 15th S & S Bn oval shown here?
  7. Do you recall if the Flashes the school used were locally produced or did they make use of the 4th BN (LT)(ABN) 68th Armor flahse?
  8. Here is what I have so far on the Flash. Please not though that the information is still unconfirmed/verified. There seems to be some confusion as to the various combinations worn by the Aviators vs Pathfinders.
  9. Does anyone recall there being a photograph of a young Army Lawyer wearing the attached insignia combination on the Forum somewhere, or have I just been "couped up" to long?
  10. This photo shows the "buff" middle section much better than the original above It for sure says "QM" to me but still can't find the specific unit designation or title for it. Did the Material Delivery Unit have a designation that you know of?.
  11. The design (minus the wings) listed on page 3 of the unknown section of Clyde Osborn's monograph of Flashes and Ovals. I did find that.
  12. Tonomachi's ID on the oval make sense but for some reason I keep wanting to associate the oval with a QM unit. Just can't find the reference right now.
  13. I would have some reservations about the two outer ones as they share a common backing material which always seems to me to be suspect.
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