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  1. Hello, The 67th Armored Regiment history contain a complete roster. To my knowledge this the only unit of the 2nd armored division to have one.
  2. Hello, Nice uniform indeed. Is there white paint on the Lt insigna? I'm interested to see if you could have more informations about this man.
  3. Hello, You are right, these are french insigna. Red chevrons : rank of caporal (Corporal) Diamond : arm diamond insigna model 45 for a Sgt of the ALAT (Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre) light aviation of the army. In the ALAT the rank of sgt is called 'Maréchal des Logis". The little chevron means in french military term "ADL" (Au-delà de la Durée Légale) Beyond the Legal Duration (committed volunteer). The ALAT was crated in 1954. Bar : a sort of epaulet for officer uniform known as "Attentes d'épaule"
  4. Hello, Could it be the LST496? This LST was sunk by a german mine on the 11th of june. As far I know, it was the only LST lost this day in front of normandy beaches. In addition to the ship crew, several soldiers from the 2nd armored division were killed and injured during this sinking. Do you have more informations about this?
  5. Hello, If I read correctly, this officer is Colonel Lebel who was the liaison officer of General De Gaulle at the 12th Army group, he was already at this assignment in august 44. It was besides him who received the emissary of the French resistance who had crossed the lines to join the troops of General Patton to ask the allies to liberate Paris because the resistance fighters had revolted.(He is also portreyed in the film about the liberation of Paris " Is Paris Burning?" in 1966)
  6. It could mean "civil guard". Civil guards employed by the US army to secure military installations.
  7. Hello, Here is a 3rd Army liner with an unknown insignia.
  8. Hello, This hamlet no longer exists today. This place is now in the village of Le Molay-Littry. All the 2nd armored division was stationned in this area in june/july 1944. La mine was located approximately on the site of the major crossroads of le Moley-Littry.
  9. Thank you for the additionnal photos. The Hell on wheels newspaper was only published form May to December 1945 during the occupation duty in Germany. I also noted that you have some copies of the hell on wheels bulletion of the Association. With the newspaper they are good sources of information for enthusiasts of the division. The presence of a CIB in the group seems to indicate, indeed, that this veteran could have been part of the 41st AIR. The little booklet "second Armored Division" was often autographed by comrades of the unit, it could be also a good source of information for iden
  10. Woooow!!! A real piece of history.... Glad to see that this group will no be scattered. Any idea of the precise unit? Is it a copy of the "Hell on Wheels" newspaper on the top right of the first photo? It is possible to have a close picture of the list nextd the theater made Dutch ike jacket?
  11. Could be for cover the turret of a M7 HMC parked just behind this sherman? The shape seems to be more suitable....
  12. Hello, This insignia is for the AAA HQ of the city of Paris.
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