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  1. The bucket is GREAT! This is coming along nicely. Your figures are great.
  2. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/270307-help-to-id-pow-ribbon/ If you look at this post it may answer some questions. Hermanus is correct the WWI Occupation medal was authorized in November 1941. After Pearl Harbor, a month later, the medal was put on hold for the duration. The first issue of these medals was in September 1945. The timing created confusion and is why you see a lot of WWI ribbons on WWII uniforms. Take a look at the link, there is a more detailed explanation and photos. i hope this helps
  3. That is great looking model with an outstanding paint job.. I like it a lot. Great work.
  4. Another Covid project. This is going to be a small figure vignette depicting the Combat Engineers laying mines in the road way near the town of St. Vith in December 1944. The figures are all my typical mish-mash of parts bashed together from the parts box, DLM Dragon, Tamiya, Miniart, Masterbox, resin, etc. The land mines are from the old Tamiya figure kits. Each set of figures always had a few of these mine included on the sprue. I never used the mines, they are not real detailed, and over the years I just tossed them in the parts box. I had about 30 of them and finally, having a lot of time to kill, I decided to do something with them. This whole vignette evolved from those little lumps of plastic. The crates are scratch built from bass wood and coffee stirrers. The markings on the crates are not correct, but all I had were some old ammo box dry transfers. It's not 100% correct, but it gets the idea across. The other photos are reference I found online to help with the poses and placement of the figures. Depending on how long all this lasts I am going to try and do one of these little vignettes or vehicle models for each Division. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, thanks for looking, stay safe. Dennis
  5. Old Marine

    Marine 1779

    That is incredible work.
  6. That is fantastic model building. Your skills are incredible. Thanks for posting these works of art.
  7. That's a good layout. The buildings focus your eyes on the action. It's great watching your progress. The T-28 is great.
  8. That is an amazing collection. Thanks for posting the photos.
  9. That a great model. You did an outstanding job with the soldiers.
  10. Nice looking figures, they fit the scene very well.
  11. They were not issue items, you could find them in the surplus stores outside most bases.
  12. He looks like a civilian photographer or reporter. He has the US in the Triangle patch that is worn by US civilians. I used a 1945 dated musette bag in the early 80s for carrying training aids and books when I was an instructor at Parris Island.
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