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  1. I don’t have a photo of it, but I was issued one on Okinawa in 1976.
  2. A US helmet, is also a lot more useful than other helmets, you can wash in it, cook in it, sit on it and use it as bucket to carry things. It think they just get used to wearing them.
  3. It looks like the Dutch Orange Lanyrd. The orange lanyard is a unit award like the French Fourragere.
  4. That’s a nice collection. Mine is still on my key ring and there is one in the kitchen drawer.
  5. I agree with TAMU I think the construction is to light for something like steel links or an antenna. The fabric feels like shelter half material.
  6. Lars that is outstanding! The painting is just perfect. You really captured the colors in the woodland camo and the rocks. You know I am partial to small figure vignettes and I really like this one. Great subject, great looking figure and great execution. Dennis
  7. Tamu, you got, me I only stated I think it is pre World War II because of the use of brass for the hanger and lift the dot. Usually after the war production got going brass was replaced with steel. I am not familiar enough with WWI and pre WWI stuff to make any useful comment. That “tube” detail on the belt is something I have never noticed. Maybe we’ll figure out the purpose someday.
  8. Rob, if you can’t identify it, it must really be an obscure piece.
  9. Could this have something to do with the Military Order of the Serpent? All of their ribbons are black and red, but usually oriented vertically. This is just a guess but could it be some variation or lesser award?
  10. Here is my pouch. I have had this for years and was never able to get an ID or see another one like it. Thanks for posting your pouch. Over the years some have suggested to me that this is just a “one off” rigger made, or post war surplus store Frankenstein, and not a depot made item. Seeing your pouch, which is almost identical to my pouch makes me pretty sure this is a Marine depot made item, but for what? The pouch measures 13 x 6 3/4 inches and has an internal divider like your pouch. My pouch has a brass belt hangar which would suggest pre war or even the 1930s
  11. Hi Tamu, thanks for posting this pouch. I have one identical to your pouch, but it has a lift the dot fastener. I have never been able to identify it either. If you don’t mind I will see if I can find it and post some photos. dennis
  12. The American Defense medals. Army medals on the left, Navy, Marine medal on the right. The set of ribbons belonged to a Marine Stationed in Iceland
  13. The American Defense medal had a “FOREIGN SERVICE” bar. That bar was worn on the medal ribbon. If you were stationed outside of the US during the time specified in the medal criteria, then you rated to wear the foreign service bar. A star worn on the Am Def service ribbon signifies the foreign service bar. The Navy and Marine Corps wore the letter “A” Device on the service ribbon to denote foreign service.
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