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  1. I thought I would post a thread of my Grandmother's journey to find the 50 year old crash site of her brother's B-29 in Oklahoma. The crew was killed in the crash.


    My brother, a journalist who actually took her to Oklahoma and found the site for her and spent a year documenting the crash and the search 50 years later, eventually wrote a 3 part series about the journey and published it.


    It's an amazing story and very well written. I'll see if I can give a quick synopisis with pictures.


    Here is the draft my bother wrote...



  2. Johan, just found this thread and this might be too old to help, but this is an Ithaca my Gramp brought home from the CBI theater. It is completely original and untouched. If you need more info for a comparison, PM me.






  3. That is one nice group. I'm stunned!


    My Gram was also in the WAVES, and like Rocket's, she served at Hunter and then in Washington D.C. She was in D.C. when the war ended. To hear her tell about how the city exploded with joyous energy really brings you there.


    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Great helmet!!!.....what is that circular thing on the nape strap in the helmet liner?.....mike


    Thanks for the feedback guys.


    I'm at work, but I'm pretty sure the circular thing is the back side of the snap. I think the liner snap that the nape strap attaches to ripped through, folded around, and that is what you are seeing in the pic.





  5. I've been looking for one for a few years now. Almost bought one here and there, from Ebay or a dealer. Finally nice to turn one up myself through an ad I run.


    This is from the estate of a 31 year, three war Navy vet. I'm pretty sure he was either a Seabee or with some similar Navy ground forces, as all of his gear is infantry type of stuff.


    Thought I would snap some pics to share. The liner was painted white. It has taken on a slight yellowish tint. It's tough to see, but I think it's a Westinghouse liner. The mm is covered in dust and I've yet to clean the liner. Can anybody tell me if the white paint is a Navy thing?






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