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  1. Medics are all the rage these days....such a rare configuration to begin with and they are now seemingly self-replicating out of the wood work.  I would personally give this one a very wide berth.  

  2. When I was a young teen in the 80's I displayed my WWII collection in our local library for the 40th anniversary of D-Day.  There was a story about it in the local paper, and the widow of a a WWII vet from my hometown gave me a call.  She wanted to give me some of her husbands WWII bring backs.  She ended up giving me some insignia, a duffle bag with clothing, dog tags, invasion currency, etc.  She also gave me a small Swiss watch that she said her husband received in trade for some cigarettes from a German POW.  Looks very similar to yours.  



  3. Looks like a nice rig to me!



    It looks to be 100% legit. What is really neat is the M1 helmet's black coated, raised bar, buckle. To my understanding they are very uncommon appearing around the 700 heat lot number, as your helmet is. Great find.





    Beauty of a set, and with an early double wire sweatband to boot.




    Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback.

  4. Just got this one in and thought I'd post it up for review. I am by no means an advanced collector of M1's. But I do keep a few on my shelves at any given time. I was looking for a nice representative example of a WWII netted helmet. I'd appreciate any feedback or comments. Hoping it checks out O.K.


    Thanks in advance.












    Seriously, here on the USMF, it stays pretty docile and the mods do a good job in keeping it that way. Sometimes it just has to get a bit heated but generally it isn't bad. Now if you want a good fight, you have to go to the pros on one of the German helmet collecting sites. Those are truly popcorn worthy threads.


    I agree. I am a casual lurker here. I dabble in M1's. My focus for 35 years has always been on WWII german helmets. As the volume and quality of fakes has increased, and as the demand and desire (bordering on infatuation) for the exotic and the titillating has increased, so have the threads in that community that resemble this one.


    There's a good chance that a thread with "Holy Grail" in the title is going to attract a lot of attention and then when you see the pics and understand the background and learn there are 3 other "Holy Grails" very similar to it you begin looking for the rolling eyes emoji and the bowl of popcorn.


    Sorry it didn't work out for the OP. I was skeptical, but hopeful he actually did discover his Holy Grail. Who wouldn't want that for a fellow collector?

  6. 1) Let me be very clear , none have the same characteristics.


    2) and with regards to no provenance, one of them is named I believe.



    3) People who have had collections for the past 40 years etc are letting go of there items due to age or passing away.

    So you will start to see new items coming available which have been lost in collections for years.



    Needed to get that straight with everyone


    1) I could be wrong and I apologize if I am, but I thought on page 2 you said that all 4 known examples have the "exact same cover and the exact same wear" or something to that effect? I'll go back and look. So besides the pics that seem to show very similar helmets, I was just going what you yourself said.


    2) To me, a simple name in a helmet is not provenance. An unbroken chain of custody is provenance. But that's an entirely different debate.


    3) Fair point. I'll guess we'll see when the next 4 Raider helmets emerge with no real provenance from old collections all in exceedingly pristine condition with no combat or storage wear if we still going to rationalize their existence with the "well maybe the guy painted his helmet on one day and got shot the very next" argument or will we begin to question the odds of a highly unlikely scenario playing itself out 8 times.


    Looking forward to your pics. And in the end as long as you are happy with it is all that matters.

  7. I really don't see why some people think they can state the helmet is bad with such certainty, merely because they have the feeling that it should display more wear. If the soldier would have gotten wounded in theater, the helmet was shipped to the states and was stored properly it definitely could look like this. Yes, one should have a healthy dose of suspicion, but again, there is no reason to state that it is faked with such certainty, and we should consider it honestly.


    On the disintigration of burlap: I've got pieces of original ww2 scrim from a vehicle net that was left behind during the war in Europe (I live in Europe). It was stored in a barn over 60 years and is still in good condition.


    I agree completely with your basic premise. The OP has made the same basic premise. The rationale is this...an exceedingly rare helmet, from a rare unit, survives the war with exceedingly little combat wear, and is then found with exceedingly little post-war storage wear. Can this scenario happen? Of course. But 4 times? And all with no provenance?


    I have no idea of this helmet is authentic or not. Looking forward to the OP's pics. I truly hope it is. The fact that it has 3 clones that all look they they were done by the same hand, and survived the war in the same condition, and show the exact same post-war patina, and all with provenance throws up some serious red flags for me, personally. I have a feeling that it won't be long before the next one shows up...then the next...and the next.

  8. sorry to stray off into the civil war topic but I wouldnt say civil war stuff is dead. I have been collecting civil war since I was about 8 years old and im 28 now. Every show i go to has a great turnout and stuff is being sold. I feel like it definitely has slowed down a little, but its far from dead.


    Yes, of course . My bad. What I meant is that prices are down or flat. Dead was a wrong choice of words. Yes, of course people will always collect Civil War, as they will WWII. But it certainly is not as hot as it has been in the past.

  9. Civil war stuff is flat to dead. WWII movies will never add more new collectors than the entire baby-boomer generation who grew up in the shadow of WWII, playing with their father's war trophies, hearing the war stories, and emersed in pop culture full of WWII TV shows and movies. The baby-boomers exert a huge influence on all aspects of American society...WWII militaria being one of them. This is all just my opinion, of course. I think in the next 10 to 15 to 20 years there will be way more supply than demand. Quality will always sell. Always. High end M1's and Garands and whatever will always sell. But run of the mill militaria...dime a dozen M1's...the 40,000 rack grade M1's the CMP sold...I think it will all be down in the future.


    As for the helmet in the OP....looks legit to me. $4700? Not for me. But I think somebody got a nice, rare WWII camo M1.

  10. And right now somebody is looking up the name of a deceased Navy vet, the LCI he served on, and heading to the model store for some Testors black and green gloss paint.


    I'm not sure if this helmet has great provenance? Provenance, to me, is when a helmet (or whatever is in question) is 100% traceable to the vet...as in, you saw the vet take it out of the footlocker. Or the vet (or his family) walked into the militaria show or hotel buy with the helmet. You've got the guy's name, address, unit, maybe a written testimony. This helmet has none of that. It has a name on it. Lots of things have names and service #'s on them, but no provenance. Came out of an old collection from No. Carolina is the story. The vet was from No. Carolina. That's reassuring, but not sure if it's solid provenance.

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