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  1. Awesome. Never knew this. Question about the film. That's a US government production and those are GI's, correct? I don't see the Canadian connection.
  2. Medics are all the rage these days....such a rare configuration to begin with and they are now seemingly self-replicating out of the wood work. I would personally give this one a very wide berth.
  3. When I was a young teen in the 80's I displayed my WWII collection in our local library for the 40th anniversary of D-Day. There was a story about it in the local paper, and the widow of a a WWII vet from my hometown gave me a call. She wanted to give me some of her husbands WWII bring backs. She ended up giving me some insignia, a duffle bag with clothing, dog tags, invasion currency, etc. She also gave me a small Swiss watch that she said her husband received in trade for some cigarettes from a German POW. Looks very similar to yours.
  4. For those of us with no Instagram account, do you think you could take the time to post those?
  5. When we deployed to Saudi Arabia we were issued 1960's dated flak vests and M1 steel pots. We eventually got kevlar helmets, but used the Vietnam era flak vests throughout Desert Storm.
  6. Just got this one in and thought I'd post it up for review. I am by no means an advanced collector of M1's. But I do keep a few on my shelves at any given time. I was looking for a nice representative example of a WWII netted helmet. I'd appreciate any feedback or comments. Hoping it checks out O.K. Thanks in advance.
  7. No bottle of scotch...but custom built oak book shelves full of books and helmets is what I went with. And my man cave has its own man cave. All of my overflow and things I do not want on display goes in there.
  8. Nice M35 reissue. Also a good reminder that not every war souvenir came home with the front line vet who killed the German and took it off his body as many collectors are so want to believe. Much of this stuff came home with the guys who were in the rear with the gear.
  9. The blue star theory about preventing allied attacks from the air is starting to enter the realm of pure fantasy. I think there is no possibility that this is a D-Day helmet.
  10. Nice helmet. Neat that you've had it since you were a kid. As far as being old....it's better than the alternative.
  11. I agree. I am a casual lurker here. I dabble in M1's. My focus for 35 years has always been on WWII german helmets. As the volume and quality of fakes has increased, and as the demand and desire (bordering on infatuation) for the exotic and the titillating has increased, so have the threads in that community that resemble this one. There's a good chance that a thread with "Holy Grail" in the title is going to attract a lot of attention and then when you see the pics and understand the background and learn there are 3 other "Holy Grails" very similar to it you begin looking for the ro
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