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  1. Interesting that the Captain Meira, The "Kid", prioritized the US and France decorations, including the USAAF pilot badge, by the regulation the Brazilians should come first. Nice Post, Ricardo.
  2. Really nice! You have website? I think it would be interesting to have one for my A2 flight jacket.
  3. He added a photo with the numbering.
  4. Great flag and nice display, congratulations! How do you make this display? Regards, Marcio.
  5. Fellas, thanks for your opinion, very important to me. Muslin, it really does. Bob, Wonderful family treasure, which honors to be able to save for the next generations. Regards, Marcio.
  6. Many years ago I had a model of a star (similar to that of two), but I ended up letting go, penitent I decided to look for another bannr and after a few weeks of searching on ebay and six months of waiting, finally arrived. Searching a few topics today until about six years ago I found some information, but I still have my doubts, I would like someone to help me, maybe Mr. Jerry. The one-star I believe to be WWI period, appears to be made of cotton or twill, wood has no glossy paint The two-stars I believe to be WWII period, it appears to be made of a synthetic fabric, the stars ar
  7. Very nice set, congrats! brave soldier, honor!
  8. Airborne, break in bureaucratic work, France 1944.
  9. very nice m1903, congratulations! In Brazil it is not very common to reenacting the nineteenth century (except Confederates Party in Santa Bárbara do Oeste - São Paulo), but a friend is doing a loadout of the War of Paraguay 1864 - 1870 (Guerra do Paraguai), so be ready I will put some photos.
  10. Really Dave, I was kind of naive.Really Dave, I was kind of naive. Thanks for your help BigJohn, I did not know the details about the types of recording, I also have no idea what AGO Card, I will research more about it. Thank you all for your contributions. Marcio
  11. Amazing set, congrats! RIP heroes.
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