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  1. I've seen in many History Channel documentaries, etc., these very short-sleeved undershirts worn by Navy service members: https://maritime.org/pres/potrack/pots.htm I'm not sure if these were common to the other services as well. Do you know much about these? I've been looking for 1950s-style t-shirts (think rolled sleeves or just plain short like here) and these look interesting to me. I know some of the reproduction sites like At the Front have these, but as always would love to learn from you guys! Thanks.
  2. That's ok, I'm looking to get new- and it looks like WPG has them.
  3. Looks like this: https://onlinemilitaria.net/products/5010-US-B-13-AAF-Officer-Flight-Jacket/?bc=no
  4. Ahh I see. Just looked those up. Thought the middle one was leather, now I see! And gee great, another cool-looking item to buy :). Thanks a lot!
  5. I just got sort of sucked into the new P&G thread :), and saw this pic on the last page. I'm going to assume this is just a "General's discretion" aviator jacket (?) Unlike any I've seen in any other photos... https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/uploads/monthly_02_2020/post-470-0-86617300-1581030473.jpg
  6. Oh, yeah: D. Look at those five-star collar pins. Awesome!
  7. Interesting. A. Reminds me of why I wanted to try an approximation of this using the current USMC Charlie shirt (long sleeve of course) and Navy service uniform khaki pants. Assuming a color-match, could make for a very sleek/fitted look compared to the rather dumpy cotton potato-sack look. B. That said, I've since suggesting that decided to really try to collect all the actual pieces (well, reproductions) from, say, WWII Impressions, and that may extend to owning both cotton and worsted wool versions. Though if forced to choose I might go wool due to the drape and line
  8. Two things (man you guys get me going!) 1. Re: interservice, I meant more what was SOP for when one encountered a superior from another service (so if sailors encountered, say, an Army Captain.) I imagine saluting wasn’t done off-base, but any other behavior they would need to exhibit in front of one of their own officers, was that called for with the Army Cpt? And conversely, could the Army Cpt pull rank in one way, shape, or another with them? 2. You mentioned getting married. This one was also something I was ignorant of. We were watching From Here to Eternity and th
  9. Interesting. Is it getting redundant to once again state how much I love it here, both for the king’s ransom of knowledge you all have and the friendliness with which you share it with me? So obviously I’m getting the picture here; I’m now curious about dancing itself/fraternizing with members of the opposite sex and what one would expect: Officers with officers: I have no clue how this worked. Was it as strict as “same rank only”? Can’t imagine so. Was it male had to be the superior officer if unequal? Any rules at all? Officers with enlisted: no way no ho
  10. Wow. Phenomenal stuff. Thanks guys! In total, it all just puts me at ease that very dark blue melton wool is the way to go... say from WWII Impressions. Anything else is basically in fluke territory. Good to know, as I've always preferred the darker ones. Now to just get my tailor to put in sharp bells and tighten the rest- I hate the pajama-like fit of the off-the-rack ones!
  11. Makes sense, but what would happen off-base? Was there any sort of protocol if a group of officers say walked into a bar or dance hall and stared at a sea of grunts? I'm guessing no rules applied as it was civilian territory but perhaps there were unstated rules (?) Or pretty much nothing applied? And did the enlisted owe them anything when it was off base/they were on leave?
  12. I've noticed, as I've dived deeper and deeper into recreating the various service uniforms for social dances, that in the old films they almost always show enlisted men at dances and virtually never officers. I was curious as to why. Is it: 1. Just sheer numbers- any social venue was likely to be inundated with young enlisted men, and officers would've just been drowned out? 2. Officers were forbidden from fraternizing with and/or attending the same venues as enlisted men? 3. The films were trying to have mass appeal and as officers were viewed a
  13. I've definitely, definitely seen that purple hue in real life. In fact, if you look at this pic here: https://i.etsystatic.com/7792385/r/il/8f3831/2500208814/il_794xN.2500208814_hcbj.jpg you'll notice the hue can't easily be explained by image artifacts/color balance as the purple is following fabric patches/lines, and there are areas where, had it been image-based, you would've seen purple across the fabric, yet you don't (one example- the patch. Study it carefully- it is uniform in hue, more or less, and yet the uniform fabric above it is dark navy whereas the fabric
  14. Interesting stuff. As I look through bunches of eBay listings, what's funny is I can't find almost any now that have that lighter blue hue to which I was referring. Ok, just found one on Etsy. You'll see in some pics it has an almost purple hue, which I do now recall seeing in person: https://www.etsy.com/listing/863703199/vintage-military-us-navy-pullover-wool In any case, from what everyone's saying it sounds like there was not in fact any discrete color change until the obvious early 80s reintroduction in the new material, cut, etc. So this was all just manufacturer
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