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  1. They were selling complete helmets for 120. Seems the going rate. 4 had patched covers. The rest were non patched.
  2. Military doing away with ACH? Surplus store had 20 of them. I bought that one because it was early.
  3. Picked up this 2003 MSA TC2000 helmet with correct chinstrap and MSA cover. It's patched to 2nd BER. What do you all think? t
  4. My mom got this out for me: My father designed the the Pax River patch. I have the plaque and use to have the patch but after several moves I can't find it. Is this patch still used today? Enjoy
  5. Researching on the net that's a WW2 service number. 13 means he enlisted in either Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Virginia. I like it. I didn't have a 50s helmet.
  6. Thanks. Should I clean the dirt out of it or leave it alone? Can anyone ID the name? Thanks Michael
  7. Thanks older than I thought. I like that it's named.
  8. Here is a nice original helmet I picked up today at a thrift store. Looks to be Vietnam. Has the GI name and service number in it. What do you all think? Thanks
  9. Thanks. I been wanting a cover like that for awhile.
  10. I have moved to Clarksville, TN with a new job at the new veterans center being built. Today I got to look at surplus stores. I found 2 ACH patched covers. One I been looking for for a long time which is the reversible MSA cover from 2004. Here's the pictures. What you all think?
  11. Aww thanks. I like that better. How old were they? 1930-1940?
  12. Sorry for the double picture. Hope these help. If it's fake least I didn't pay too much. I'll mark it fake and put it in my display. I didn't have one like this. Don't see them here. Thanks, Michael
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