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  1. November updates are posted, thanks.
  2. I just picked up a m1942, 1944 dated G.P. & F. Co. bottle. I believe it to be chromed and not polished. I believe this because of the maker's stamp on the bottom has the filled in plated appearance but, more convincingly are the threads for the cap; they are the same shiny appearance as the rest of the bottle. Someone polishing these would not bother to polish threads that are hidden by the cap. And, quite difficult to polish threads evenly. Just my observation on this new pick-up. Oh, the plastic cap is dated "43". Thanks.
  3. October updates are online, Thanks for looking. keith http://www.ourboysof98.com/
  4. Updates are published and online now! Thanks for looking. keith
  5. I have a sun helmet, marked "U.S.N. Contract N140". It has the 6 grommets on each side. I will assume it will date after Vietnam era??
  6. ourboysof98 has posted July updates to his website. Several good canteens this month. Thanks for looking. www.ourboysof98.com
  7. Yes, that is it. Thank you. My reference book lists that Citation but does not show an image of the ribbon. I looked at them on EBay and that is what I have. keith
  8. My reference book shows it as mine is; with a white center stripe. This is what most of the ones on EBay look like, which is not like my reference. This is the one I have: (The reference book example may not be an accurate color?)
  9. I have a Blue-White-Red ribbon in the metal frame. Slide on type. Came with other Vietnam War stuff (a Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Award with Palm, also in the metal frame, slide on). My reference book says it is the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Non-Combat Heroism. Looking at the ones on EBay it appears those colors are Blue-Yellow-Red. Almost all I see have the tinted center stripe that is not white. Do I have something else; did the colors change or ?? thanks, keith
  10. June updates to my website are posted. Thanks for looking. keith
  11. This was sent to me and I wanted to share it with the Forum. Some of you probably already know the story. I didn't know which category would get the most attention so if it belongs somewhere else perhaps the Mods will move it. Thanks, keith
  12. May is now online. Thanks for looking. keith www.ourboysof98.com I notice that the donation ribbons are no longer displayed? I notice too my website signature is not displayed?
  13. Hey, thanks for the plug! keith
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