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  1. I stand by what was said; "Sheath is FAKE reproduction". I've owned at least two dozen (various makers) original m-6 sheaths, & never saw any with INDENTATION in leather around name, or Serifs on letters, or numbers; by any maker; until about 7 years ago, & since then have seen many sold on eBay, & at Shows. Good reason to get a copy of Coles U.S. Military Knives Book III > he was a mechanical drawing expert, & all his drawings are EXACT in detail (lettering, markings; etc.).
  2. This one is worth buying > all original, & in near mint condition. Should be worth $1500. area.
  3. Sheath is FAKE! Note: SERIFS on lettering > originals did not have serifs (see exact drawings of original lettering in Cole's book III). Also, whenever you see that square/rectangle indentation in leather around maker & year: it's an indicator of a reproduction (not found on an original m-6 sheaths). M-3 knife looks authentic.
  4. it is tied in the same way as a Hangman's Noose. It's not called a "Lanyard", but a LEG TIE.
  5. Was wondering when ROCKOLA m-1 carbine 6089xxx was made? Thanks for Your help!
  6. >>> Subdued name & U.S. ARMY, indicate this photo was taken: After early 1968.
  7. You could wear them > if You wanted to, but most Lt. & Capt. would draw them on; with a felt-tip pen.
  8. I've met Tony, & He's is a serious knife collector > keep up the great work!
  9. Thank You ... All > especially: "Milsup Collector"!
  10. >>> The barrel is marked "W" (believe most, or all Wichesters were). I think only Inland, & Underwood had dated barrels.
  11. This Forum is for U.S. MILITARIA > ONLY. Anyway, it's a German made Post-War Fantasy (not military); was made in the city of Solegen (where most blade makers were located). Proably worth $20.00 .
  12. Hello Friends > was wondering what year/month Winchester M-1 carbine # 130xxx was made.
  13. Is there a Company that Re-Sews Visors on a dress cap?
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