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  1. Hi Duffy, Thanks for your reply. Are you sure this dealer was offering GI P226? I think maybe these were tactical versions...
  2. Hi Steve, All i can say from my collectors life experience is that groupings like yours are almost impossible to find, but deep in our collectors hearts everyone of us is dreaming about something like this...You must be extremely lucky and i'm honestly happy that this grouping landed safely in your collection! Congratulations my friend!
  3. Hi guys, Here is short history of P226 in general from Wikipedia: The P226 was designed for entry into the XM9 Service Pistol Trials, which were held by the US Army in 1984 on behalf of the US armed forces to find a replacement for the M1911A1. Only the Beretta 92F and the SIG P226 satisfactorily completed the trials. According to a GAO report, Beretta was awarded the M9 contract for the 92F due to better durability during endurance testing and a lower total package price. During the endurance testing none of the 92Fs broke, while two of the P226s cracked frames between six and seven thou
  4. Guys, thanks for all the welcome my friends. I still have a lot of "follow-up" to do with my "local" job and family life...once this task is done i will start to operate at full speed...
  5. Hi guys, It looks like i'm finally back to home so i hope to spend some time on the forum...looking forward to learn about all new discoveries!...
  6. Hi guys, In my honest opinion i think posted by crazymonsooner wings are good example from "depression" time period. i would have no problem with buying this example...
  7. Congratulations John - great wings and great achievement!...
  8. Hi, As i said, your wings are looking good to me... Thanks for additional pictures.
  9. HI John, i have noticed that Bell wings hold their finish condition very often in perfect shape. I love this newest addition to your collection. Also, Bell got this nice pattern like traces of feathers on wings - i think these guys made some really cool badges...
  10. Guys, What you think if we will start inside our new Wings section hardware data base? We just have to workout logistics on how to keep it in alphabetical order and clean so we don't have 50 examples posted of the same hardware...please post your opinions on this. Here is example of what i have in mind: Meyer - Navigator Wings - Catch
  11. Hi, Hardware and wings looks good to me, but is possible for you to post to us straight shot / picture of reverse?
  12. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!! thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............
  13. Shield details - it is separate piece attached to the main wings base...
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