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  1. Cheers I found this on the website https://15thmedbnassociation.org/Photos/15th-Med-Bn-Photos5.aspx The guy without the guitar is named as PUD , same time frame could be same fella Putnam and Pud pretty close for a nick name. Theres also a photo I won't post of him in his mature years in custardy prior to his death.
  2. To be fair the photo that shows the full jacket is from the sale , the photo makes it appear to look worn out. The photos I've taken of the close details are more true to what it's like in real life. Eric
  3. I ordered this jacket via ebay on face value of the photo's and being a tropical jacket like the rest you come across. This jacket however seems to be a sample/test/transitional to the trained eye. The jacket was issued 1966 1, High Gloss buttons 2, type 2 tag layout 3, tags refer to gas flap , waist tabs but non present or ever fitted 4, the cloth is VERY thin and see through. I have an exposed button type 1 and this is incredibly lightweight at the side of the type 1 5, this is not a modified is any way, nobody has picked off the rank slides and other items listed not the tags.
  4. A little update to this , after a chat with a fella who has a USMC Urban jacket with black elbows and comparing a few photos it appears they are 2 separate urban prints. My print is a khaki and brown dominant print and the other is a black and grey. The black elbows access padding externally via velcro pull tabs , the khaki is internal like issue shirts. We reached a conclusion that the khaki pads with the more khaki base with brown shapes could have actually been made for arid urban. The colours and the internal pad slits as the external would without doubt fill with sand or the velcro couldn't work as it would be a sand trap. I have found the same shapes on both types I'll call the 'GUN' , The gun on mine is brown and the gun on the other is black. My jacket all the brown shapes are black on the other jacket , the black shapes on mine seems to be a separate print screen not found on the other jacket so it's not a print error.
  5. https://www.amherst.edu/amherst-story/magazine/in_memory/1960/putnambreed
  6. duffel bag tag the coat was stored in along with 3 others
  7. If you were quick enough over on ebay you could have had one of VERY cheap, estate sale lot. This item was used by a soldier that was a surgeon in the Vietnam War. He served as a Captain in Vietnam in the US Army Medical Corps, from 1966 to 1968. He received the Bronze Star, Combat Medics Badge, and the Vietnam Service Award, First Cavalry Division, Vietnam 15 Medical Battalion.
  8. 1990/1 desert uniforms kinda hard to find now , it's also in fantastic condition. The majority I've seen 1990/1 have also been USAF stock too. You'll also find the early stuff when worn/washed goes an amazing lime/mint green colour. One of my favourite uniforms the early ones of these rather than anything later produced.
  9. I've dug out my Micheal Berry cap 5th SFG Vietnam , Special forces War on Terror Vet ( this cap worn in WOT ) somewhere in Africa. This came with 2 sets of choc chips dated 1981 and a 1981 boonie.
  10. PII100 I believe is surplus store contract , it can be found on the "battle tested" stuff like the Urban BDU
  11. I picked this up on my travels. Coat/trousers special forces airborne , 1970’s RDF design adopted in 1976 ( first year of production ) for operations in the Middle East by Spec Ops. The suit is a multi purpose outfit that can be worn as a hot or cold weather with a button in M51/65 liner both trousers and coat. These are not the 1972 trials desert uniform , these however could have been a part of the later MASTERS tests in 1975 or as a result of. These were decommissioned and sold as surplus to Saudi which this uniform has been.. I have included the original 1977 label and the replacement , the replacement still carries the US DLA numbers.
  12. this is a fashion / surplus store tag. I would also say it looks non American made.
  13. The USMC EGA is also embedded in the fabric , I have been told it's not present in the woodland and desert experimental
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