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  1. Reminds me of the caddy shack type from 80’s-90’s period ones. I have an urban one I picked up in 1991 with same black stiffener ,webbing cotton weave foliage band and shoe lace eyelets. This was pretty much all you could get back then till Propper stated making a civilian 1:1 copy military in the 90’s.
  2. sold here in the UK in the 1980's as kids army hats & fishing tackle shops. I've sold a fair amount of these on ebay and never go above £5 / $7.
  3. This is a tropical shirt I got from him last week too for $39 which is identical to the green ones he was selling ( identical tags with same DSA codes ). The shirt is also marked on the neck with #1 as he had 3 that week.
  4. I’ve not got any green tropicals from him but bought an exposed 1st cut tropical tiger shirt from him. It’s made identical to the greens and comes with same tags that says small short but fits me and I’m a large regular ( work that out ! ). The selling price from Thailand was about $39 a pair till they hit eBay USA and they then started selling in the multiple 100’s. but yes mate these are genuine animal from hell fakes , I’m not saying repro as they leave hints to say repro where these are 100% deceptive.
  5. Here is a shirt I won off him other week and as you can see blue pen and #2 wrote on it too which looks awfully same had writing as yours
  6. Repro , these are the ones coming out of Thailand by animal from hell. The tags were numbered ( yours has 2 on it ) as he sold LOADS so the right bidder got right pair. The pocket flaps are square on these and and nearly all real ones are rounded edges. The fakes from Thailand where sold in only small short and medium regular too. Also to note cargo pockets on 1st are a little offset and tend to have the first fold of the upright flap line up the the seam, the repro sit even half n half.
  7. So this Digital BDU turned up in a Local British RAF charity auction and it went home with me. The spooky other thing is I own Kirkpatricks other experimental uniform too !! What are the chances of that , I got the woodland one back in early 2000's just after the trial ended.
  8. I picked up this Vietnam vets lot , sale included M51 jackets , poplin jungle trousers and these 3 coats. Thinking nothing of it they all arrived in the mail as expected to find one is black and 2x are XL ! The lot was from the same fella as some stuff had patches ( mainly the cold weather stuff ) but all kinda the same size and issue dates. I kinda don’t want to read more in to why I have a black jungle jacket but hey I could only hope. anyways enjoy.
  9. I recently picked up a 2nd type Vietnam jungle jacket mint / brand new / unworn etc.. but the cloth is poplin but almost handkerchief weight. It’s like lightweight but then some. I own a 1st type , 2.5 type ( retains tags of 2nd and gloss buttons ) without waist tabs and rank slides , 3rd type poplin and the poplin cloth has been pretty much consistent from 1st to last in weight. The 2nd type I’ve acquired is pretty much see through when exposed to light as the weave count seems low. The jacket to has dull buttons with a light white frosting to them too rather than high gloss polishe
  10. I picked this up Thrifting at the weekend mint unworn/laundered ect... along with another minus any patches ( seems same batch and probably same original owner ) both minty mint. The one pictured has beed attacked with a magic marker on the original in country name tape.... why ? would it be less of an effort just to remove the tag ?
  11. Picture on the tag has what seems to be a Middle East style chin lining beard.
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