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  1. Picked these up other day for less than a pair of low end Chinese Repro ones. There's no holes, stains, colours real good with very little if any fade.
  2. They are ink stamped like originals
  3. The market has been swamped by fake ( I'm not gonna say repro as they were made deceptive ) 1st Patt tropical jungle suits you can buy from your master faker Thailand eBay seller. The new thing are now fake tigers and are hitting the market including here in the UK and are selling in the 100's. They are cut in the US utility uniform & USMC monkey P44 so far.
  4. https://www.picuki.com/media/2308211646232703395 https://www.picuki.com/media/2227597250280581079 https://www.picuki.com/media/2353990496996400854 https://www.picuki.com/media/2331954525480267621 These are made by G RAGS 72 , they also make reproduction tigers.
  5. Not the worlds most amazing find but hard to find with cutters tags , seems harder to find mint RDF than it is Nam ERDL. The cloth is very light and floaty lightweight which feels premium grade.
  6. it's a hunting shirt, the rank is USAF, name tape on wrong side. This looks like it was made for halloween.
  7. Heres a MINT pair of 1970's biggest size possible windproof DPM trousers I bought from Animal From Hell, look in the khaki shape next to the tag and SEE the RED 6. Now look at all these tropical tags ..... they have all be doctored the same fashion to fool folk into thinking they are period issue marking. The second picture is a screen gran from his ebay page , that sold for $50 & $34 shipping.
  8. 100000000% repro , these are getting sold by Animal From Hell Thailand on ebay for $50 and scalpers on ebay are getting $500 a pop.
  9. custom made BDQ ERDL shirt in Large US size ( 44/46 inch chest ). The camera really wipes the colours out so I've taken an indoor photo. I picked this up from a vintage shop in France.
  10. Deadstock 1968 jacket , appears to be 100% unworn with patches attached from in country. The patches seems to have been a bugs lunch or rotted away.
  11. An everyday shirt made from helmet cover fabric , unbranded but a very cool item
  12. Ripstop colour ERDL on poplin non ripstop jacket
  13. some funky tailor made thing , Delta Print , Poplin non reinforced shoulder ( seems to be jungle jacket cloth ) , rubberised rear pocket ( seems to feel like poncho material )
  14. Poplin deadstock very funky colour hard strike ERDL jacket
  15. Some vintage very short shorts my by the same company who make the PT shorts MJ Soffe.
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