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  1. OK, sounds good. But the one thing that keeps sticking out are the male rather than female snaps. All the modular vests I've seen with snaps looked like they had the male half on the vest and the female half on the panel. Are there any vests with the female side on the vest? And the male halves are on the outer face side rather than the inner side. As to a vehicular panel, that's an idea I hadn't considered.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I agree with you both. I'm not familiar with non-standard issue (standard issue being PASGT or Interceptor) armor but it does remind me of an Eagle or other manufacture. It did remind me of a grenade vest but I don't have anything handy now to check what will fit. The male snaps are also what threw me as most of what I've seen had female snaps on panels rather than males.
  3. Greetings all, I came across this panel the other day. I have no idea what it is and haven't been able to find anything in searches, either via Google or this forum. There are no markings on this piece except the snap backs are marked DOT - DOT. The panel is made of the older OG nylon cordura, like the duffel bags. It is 9-1/2" wide x 12" high. It has hook side velcro covering the back, 7 male snaps (3 per side, 1 at the top center), and the corner snaps have loop side velcro behind them. Each pocket is about 1-3/4" wide x 3-1/2" high x 1-1/2" deep and is closed by a snap and v
  4. Well, I looked at everything I had on the period. I could not find anything that looked like it with the side loops and no M1910 hooks. Could this pre-date the M1910 series equipment?
  5. Thanks for the information. I'll look back into my deep references. I also leave my snaps unsnapped. Heck, even when I look at something on a show table, I usually leave the snap unsnapped if I can get it open to begin with.
  6. Greetings all, I came across a case this weekend that I thought was the case to the Mk IV Compass. Looking at it closer now, it is different so I wondered if there were any variations. It is styled very similar. It is unmarked except for the U.S. on the front of the flap, a single glove-type snap, on each side is a loop for a sling or strap, and a belt loop on the back but no M1910 hook. The hardware is painted brown. The snap is marked: "RAU F. CO. PROV. R.I." The interior is lined with a purple velvet-like material. I don't see anywhere that it was modified from an original Mk
  7. Greetings all, I just came across what I thought was the Type A-2 Saw-Knife-Shovel assembly as used in the Cold Weather kits. However, the PNs marked on the pieces do not match my other assemblies. The A-2 assemblies I had are both unmarked on the handle (should be PN 50C3586 IAW the TM), marked 60C90302 on the shovel (this PN is for the whole assy and the shovel is 60C90304 IAW the TM), and 60C90303 on the saw-knife blade envelope. The assembly I just got is marked 50C3946 on the handle, 50C3947 on the shovel, and 50C3948 on the saw-knife blade envelope. How many variations w
  8. Very interesting, thanks for posting the box. By the way, I find it amusing that there looks like a shoe print in the second photo. No respect. Speaking of packaging, before we deployed for OIF in '03, we received new Mossberg 500s (not 590s) in brown boxes with civilian labels on the end. I thought the armor had gone down to Walmart and bought them but that is how they must have been packed for the contract. The armorer swore they came through supply like that. I think I have a box from our M4s when we received them in '98. I'll look for it and post photos if I find it. I seem t
  9. This looks like the cleaning kit case we had for our M2 .50BMG. I don't remember these with the M60s. All our cleaning gear for the M60s were in the spare barrel case.
  10. When I got back to the 101st ABN in 2002, I got issued a Woodland MOLLE II Rifleman set brand new in the box. It had with the FLC, 3 M16A2 (double) mag pouches, 2 grenade pouches, 2 canteen pouches, Camelbak, assault pack, butt pack, blah, blah....anyway, that was what was issued. Later, as MOLLE got more common and extra pieces were able to be found, extra pouches were added. When we deployed to Iraq, we had 3 mag pouches, 2 grenade pouches, 2 canteen pouches, butt (waist) pack, & M9 bayonet on our vests. Our first aid kits consisted of 2 aid dressings which were stowed in the outer p
  11. Thanks for the information. The hardware does look like it is from something US. They certainly did a nice job and even creased the edge around the cutout.
  12. Well, seems there are markings on it after all. I didn't get down to them but I could see the faintest of traces, just a couple of stamped letters, under the heavy black coating, what I thought was paint. I didn't realize the black coating was a preservative type coating until I was wiping the blade off with some alcohol and noticed the coating got soft. When I wiped again, I noticed some of the underlying phosphate-looking gray blade finish showing through. Didn't pursue it enough to get down to the markings but at least I know they are there.
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