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  1. My dad was in the Coastal Artillery in Portsmouth NH during WWII protecting our Navy yard from sneak attacks from German U-boats sneaking up the river. He collected these launch ribbons every time the Navy launched a new sub.
  2. Wow that's awesome to have that part of your family history. I have some of my dad's marksmanship medals from WWII. He was in the Coastal Artillery in Portsmouth NH watching for German U-boats sneaking in near the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. I've also got a bid box of submarine launch ribbons he collected during the war years.
  3. I guess I need help with resizing the pics. The latest post in the help section concerning that is 5 years ago and when I click on the site listed I get a big warning in Red telling me that site is unsafe to use.
  4. Here's one I've owned for probably 20 years and had very little luck with positive ID. Here's what I can tell you. It was purchased at a small auction house about 20 years ago in New Hampshire. It had 2 US marked padlocks on either end of the box and it was locked. I took a chance on it because it had a military "look" to it and it went pretty cheap. When I was cashing out at the end of the auction the cashier handed me the keys. I took it home and opened it up. Inside were 8 or 10 Vietnam era Colt 20rd M16 magazines, several new original Black slings wrapped with rubber bands, a small plastic parts box with various M16 parts and a GI tool roll with a variety of punches, screwdrivers and a small bottle of GI issue gun oil. On the outside of the box was an ancient postage sticker from it being mailed and another partial sticker that corresponded to a USMC repair depot. The Styrofoam inserts inside securely hold 1 full size M16 or AR15 rifle and my Pre-ban Colt SP-1 fits perfectly so it's clearly made to ship 1 rifle without any chance of damage. Problem is nobody I have spoken with has ever seen one like this. Any help guys ? Well until I figure out how to resize the pictures this will have to do...
  5. Thanks for having me. Been messing with this stuff for many years but just found this place. First mil surp rifle was a 1903 Springfield I paid 100 bucks for if that tells you anything.. I was making $65 a week pumping gas and the little hole in the wall gun shop allowed me to make payments until I had it paid off. Now I'm retired and living on Social Security and still have to budget myself.. Some things come back around but it's all good. I think my favorite thing considering my limited budget is to find neglected or sporterised guns and bring them back to original condition. Current project is a Springfield Trapdoor Model 1873 made in 1877.
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