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  1. Although I haven't personally heard of musette bags being issued instead of 1910 or 1928 packs- If you look at armored infantry of the battle of the bulge era- you do tend to see more winter combat jackets than with other units. Likely due to them being closer to the supply chain for those (i.e. armored vehicle crews). Remember to that armored infantry often spent more time afoot than in half tracks- so they generally don't stand out in any significant way from their normal infantry brethren- its only the airborne guys that were special :-) Also- in the early battles in Normandy- some 2nd
  2. They put the famous prop 65 warning sticker on seemingly everything, I have seen it on olives, bread rolls, sunglasses... state is being ruined by the fools in Sacramento. I have been here since 1991, and its really been downhill since the late 90s
  3. Hi all Collector of WW2 Army and Navy groups since the late 70s. I have been in and out of the game many a time- but now nearing retirement I thought I would dive back in. Looking forward to seeing what is out there these days- lots of great info I have seen so far here. living in the Inland Empire region of S California- I am a Nebraska boy by birth- hope to get back there- politics and cost of living aren't my cup of tea anymore around here- good weather be damned! Vern
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