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  1. These are two engraved LOM in my collection. Awarded to William D. Hamlin and Cornelius J. Rinker //Kristoffer
  2. Thanks to the both of of you. I am glad it is a good wing. Would it be easy to find Amcraft clutches to it? If I get it I would eventually want to replace them. Thanks Kristoffer
  3. If this wing should get the thumbs up from the forum what about the clutches? Would they be correct for an Amcraft wing? I have searched around a bit and the ones I found looks different. /Kristoffer
  4. What do you guys say about this TO wing? I can't seem to find any maker mark on it altough the seller says it made by Amcraft. I like the patina on it. Regards Kristoffer
  5. Thanks for the help. Now I've learned something new. /Kristoffer
  6. Hi, I am curious to know what the bottom three badges are. All three are pin back but I can´t see any markings on them. I have tried searching on google but not come up with anything. I haven´t sen any similiar before. I am hoping someone on this forum knows. All the best Kristoffer
  7. Thanks for the comments. Yes, 66 missions is a lot.. I wonder how common that was. Kristoffer
  8. Lt Braucher was born on 13 January 1921 in Chicago, Illinois. He enlisted on September 9th 1940 in Chicago. Before that he had attended the University of Illinois. He served as a Navigator/Bombardier on B-25 Mitchells with the 446th BS, 321st BG, 12th AF. On April 6th 1943 he completed his first mission and his last on September 5th 1943. With that unit he completed 53 missions! After that tour he enlisted once again and served in the Pacific with the 93rd BS,19th BG, 20th AF. He served aboard a B-29 as the lead navigator and took part in 13 missions. On April 16th 1945 he along with the rest
  9. This seller also has a couple of other Purple Hearts for sale. What do you say about the engraving on those? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/874351970 https://www.gunbroker.com/item/874694956 /Kristoffer
  10. That is very interesting indeed. I hope you will find out more. Someone in that town has to know.
  11. That's a very nice medal. Interesting with all the information. I hope you will be able to find a photo of him someday.
  12. Outstanding collection! So much quality and it´s displayed better then at some museums. Please keep posting photos. I would appreciate some more photos of all your display cabinets. How long have you been collecting? Regards Kristoffer
  13. Hi Kurt, Thanks a lot for the explanation. It's really appreciated and I have learned something new. I will try and return the medal. //Kristoffer
  14. Hi, That's really bad news for me. I really thought it was privately done by the family after the war. Would never have thought it was machine engraved. I have never thought it was official engraving just something that was done by a local jeweler after the war. Dave, perhaps if I had ordered your book a little sooner I would have known better. Could any of you tell me how you can see it's machine engraved? I have trouble seeing it. Regards Kristoffer
  15. Staff Sergeant Arthur D. Webber was born on 11 August 1924 in Cook County, Illinois. During the war he served in the 385th Infantry Regiment of the 76th Infantry Division. The division arrived to the ETO in January 1945. They took part in the assault on the Siegfried line and continued fighting in Germany. On 4 March Sergeant Webber lost his life in combat resulting in a posthumous awarded of the Distinguished Service Cross. His citation reads. The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 9, 1918, takes pride in presenting the Dist
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