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  1. It could have simply been a manufacturers typo (B and V are right next to each other on the keyboard). These helmets have been hitting the market so fast it might have been overlooked. I do not have an example of this helmet in my collection to check, but I can check the labels in mine to see the info on them. I have seen various styles of labels in these helmets.
  2. The helmet you have is real. They are used by some special forces units. It is a MICH style helmet and not a CVC helmet, although there is a ballistic version of the CVC made of the same material and same thickness as well.
  3. At least the ACH is easier to wear in the prone than the old K pot. I never had to wear the nape pad as I retired right after it came out, but I can deffinately see where it would get in the way, especially with the neck piece on the IBA. Don't know what vest is being issued now, but the IBA was a pain with all the side armor pieces and shoulder pieces. I took all of that off and just wore my IBA. Heck,during and after the invasion we didn't even have plates till we were about to redeploy. I am 6' 02" and they gave me a small for mine. Wasn't till OIF III when we got the ESAPI and everyone had
  4. I saw them come into the inventory at 1st ID in 07. I do believe they were worn by them in Iraq in 07 but I cant remember if we got them before deployment or not. I didn't deploy that time so I cant say for sure, but we did get them.
  5. Let me know when you are ready to ship them to me and I will give you my address Seriously, that is one awesome load of helmets you got there. :twothumbup:
  6. I agree with you. Items like that really make a collection and bring interest to others, and these guys just cheapen it.
  7. Yep, it is a dangerous market out there.
  8. Just food for thought... http://cgi.ebay.com/WW2-Helmet-with-Fixed-...=item439ad295fd
  9. Messed up how? Picture is awful blurry.
  10. HOLY ARMY SURPLUS BATMAN!!!!! I was so happy when I bought my new house and had all the new room, now I just kinda feel queezy after seeing this.
  11. Yep, 91st helmet. The tag hanging off of the helmet is on the 101st helmet though, it just has the soldiers name and rate on it, unless you mean the black plackard, then it is just a description of the helmet. As for the glasses, they are just from that period. I tried to put something from the period of each helmet under them. I have a green packof lucky strikes under one of my older WWII helmets, a clip of ammo for a Garand under another one, pin-up playing cards under my Korean era helmet, and so on...
  12. Is your strap too short maybe? They do adjust out but I only buckle mine in the back if they appear to have been left that way for a while.
  13. I agree, the straps look like standard issue for the first run of these helmets. Look just like what is on mine.
  14. I only wish I could get one real BRO marked helmet. I think all the people out there doing things like this will keep me at bay on that goal for quite a while though.
  15. Yep, makes me mad, but it is the nature of the game I guess. People want them, and their is just not enough to go around. I would like to know how many fakes are out there in respectible collections that are considerd to be real. Too bad, the history to me is the most important thing in this hobby and it gets crapped on by these jokers in my opinion.
  16. Looks like they used beach sand when they painted that shell.
  17. If you need any help when making those just ask. That is pretty cool about Chief. We had people call us and visit us all the time asking about Chief. I had been at Fort Riley foor years before I knew anything about Chief, but then again I was too busy going back and forth to Iraq to learn anything here.
  18. Thanks. I want the bike in your avatar.
  19. I still am here, but the museum doesn't have much in the way of the BRO, but clothing sales has stuff like that. PM me with what you are looking for and I can see if I can find it.
  20. Thanks Robert, it is always a pleasure to have you over. Next time I hope I have more of my uniforms up on display.
  21. Another angle. The rest of the alcohol is under the bar, which will have illuminated shelves by the time I am done with it.
  22. Here is the photos of the bar I promised. I still have not re-routed my wires and router so that kinda takes away from it a little bit, but I still like it. And remember, this was done with a LOT of southern engineering And I still need to build a shelf to hold the humidor.
  23. If it is real, I wouldn't care what others thought.
  24. I hate ACU's I still have bag fulls of BDU's and DCU's and ACU's in my basement. As far as the government not dumping the uniforms on the surplus market, individual soldiers will be selling this stuff off like crazy probably. I know they didn't ask for my uniforms back when I retired. Even though I have not seen anything but the ACU worn by AD since the first half of 2007 I am sure that there will still be plenty dumped when the 6 yr enlistees from that era get discharged. I have seen soldiers go into surplus stores and sell duffle bags full of uniforms and boots for $20.00 or so, plus new
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