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    I collect any B-1, B-1A, B-1B related patches. (1000+)
    Rick (Old B-1)
  1. Congrats Ben! It's has been some time since I have seen some good B-1 stuff. I've been after one of those 42nd Air Division patches for a long time. Let me know if you are willing to trade for it. (Interested in others.) I am guessing that I have something good (B-1B) to replace it. Congrats again, glad to see you are still at it! Rick
  2. Very nice patches! Congrats. I work on the B-1 Bomber at Dyess AFB in Abilene, Texas. The Linear Air Park runs from the front gate to the flag pole. There was a RB-66 near the front gate for years; later moved in a field to make room for the B-1 that is now parked at the gate. (2003) The RB-66 has been parked in the field behind the trees ever since. Recently, the base has moved the RB-66 out of the dirt and begun a complete remodel. It is in bad shape, but they are finally going to fix it up. The wings were removed last month (Sheet metal repair). It is one of only a hand ful
  3. I scanned my collection...it does take time, but the sooner you start the sooner you will be close to being finished. Let's face it, you're not done collecting so you will never be done scanning. Scan 10 or 20 every weekend. Do this for yourself --- its great having my collection available digitally. Or for your families needs: 1) Make photo records --- the easiest way is to brake your collection into 25 count lots and take a photo of each lot. (5 patches across/ 5 patches down) Write the lot number on the back of the photo and/or name the digital photo by its lot number. 2) M
  4. The small things that went over extremly well when I was over seas are: Lots of Koolade single packets --- Because we drank a ton of water everyday. Original Cholula hot sauce bottle --- The same food gets old after a while, seasoning is better! Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning --- Its good on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mechanical Pencils and small note pads --- Just good to have. Starbust candy and/or gum --- almost everyone likes it and it is easy to share. With the amount of other care packages with everything else --- these things would go over really well. --- Rick (Old B-1
  5. Abilene, TX. What do you need? --- Rick (Old B-1)
  6. I believe by the stitching its (circa 1960's). --- Rick (Old B-1)
  7. I believe it is the 18th Aircraft Generation Squadron out of Okinawa, Japan. (Circa mid-80's) The latin means "Second to Nobody" --- Rick (Old B-1)
  8. Iceland Air Defense Force --- circa mid-50's. --- Rick (Old B-1)
  9. I only saw one date for the Pomona Show.....is there not one in November 2012? --- Rick (Old B-1)
  10. More pictures for you.....I was amazed at the medals. --- Rick (Old B-1)
  11. I took a couple, but still need to go threw them to post the US military stuff. (Medals, uniforms, patches....) --- Rick (Old B-1)
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