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  1. Thanks guys! I'll have to post another set of photos once I clean it again. Have gotten some nice things and improved others. -Tim
  2. http://loadbearingequipment.info/MOLLE2.html It's in there somewhere, I spent about 5 minutes and gave up on trying to find it I don't know what the official nomenclature is but it's part of the LBV (load bearing vests) we wear. To us this stuff is just "gear" hah -Tim
  3. It's issued with the MOLLE vest and is supposed to be worn on the back of the belt. Most guys I know however take them off. I run mine on the bottom of my Assault Pack and use it as an expandable pouch. Hope that helps, -Tim
  4. Please post your ROTC photos/uniforms/items/groupings here! I'm currently an Army ROTC Cadet and would just like to see everyone's items. I'm trying to get some research information on ROTC in the late 30's-early 40's and don't have much to go on. Thanks! Tim
  5. RIP Marine. You gave everything for your brothers and they, I'm sure, did all they could for you. -Tim
  6. Thought I'd chime in. I'm an Army ROTC Cadet (we're normally the last people in the pipeline to get issued gear) we're in the process of re-covering and re-webbing our PASGT helmets. About 20 helmets worth of suspension/covers came in and we're getting the rest at the beginning of the semester. When I get mine after winter break I'll be sure to check out the tags on them to see if they're USGI or something made by a private manufacturer. FYI...the new covers are ACU pattern (UCP?) and the suspension is just like that for the Advanced Combat Helmets. -Tim
  7. That's actually a light but it does look like natural light in the pic. :think: Just a bare 60watt bulb. My dad set it up so the humidity would be ideal and when I'm not there it's totally dark and the door is locked.
  8. It's 104th IR actually, I do have some 101st IR pins in my footlocker however. And FYI all the insignia I added myself for reenacting purposes, it is an early production size 42R though!
  9. Got some CHEAP particle board shelving systems this weekend at Staples for only $7.50ea so I bought a few for the ol' war room. It had filled up with "old smelly army crap" literally shin high so I decided to pack a lot of the stuff into bins and store them elsewhere, and leave the better items in the room. I like it set up so that I can go in and easily find and pack what I need for an event. Unfortunately the pics aren't that good due to space and lighting conditions. Enjoy, and please provide any questions, comments, or criticisms! The bookcases with some of my Vietnam i
  10. I think they're close but no cigar. Definitely applied in the same manner as LRRPs did like the one in that picture but I think its something done by the seller to increase its value. Notice how there is a lack of wear on the stress spots? You can see where the canvas is worn/faded (like around the edges at the bottom, sides, ect) the camo is not. If this were done with grease paint or something similar, when issued, it's highly suspect that the camo didn't wear and fade as well.
  11. Wow wonderful rides! :w00t: :w00t: One of the guys in my unit restored a vintage (I'm not positive if it's from WWII) bike. He bought it for $5 at a yard sale and after a "little" work it came out beautifully. Not a USGI bike but I still loved it. Here's me on it doing Co. Messenger duty at Reading this year. After riding it around all weekend I decided I HAVE to have one for next year!
  12. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Close ups of the webgear if you wouldn't mind? It looks fantastic!
  13. wow wonderful and very interesting pictures and descriptions, please post more! when was the second picture taken? I've always been curious as to when different USMC units got their hands on ERDL uniforms (you may remember them as being called jungle cammies or "flower power" cammies) and the lightweight rucksacks. Thanks!
  14. Belts almost always were M61 throught the war. The most common pieces of M56 you see Marines wear at any point in vietnam were the ammo pouches and canteen covers. It's hard to tell with the belts because grunts had so much stuff on them it's hard to see the snaps.
  15. Really don't see anything that would make it Vietnam USMC. It probably would have been an M61 belt vs. a regular pistol belt.
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