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  1. Thanks guys! Either of you going to SOS and want a job following me around and keeping me from Spending money foolishly? Haha!
  2. I’m staying at the Crown Plaza Wednesday and Thursday nights.
  3. I hope this is the right spot to post this. I have some general guideline questions regarding AEF groupings that I hope some more experienced members can provide guidance on. Ive developed these questions from looking at groupings listed for sale or posted here over the past few month. 1. Why do some groupings only have the name on some items? Wouldnt a soldier put his ID on almost everything? What level of suspicion should be given to items that are part of the group but not IDd? 2. Are there marking methods that are suspicious? Obviously, a sharpie is a dead giveaway I would think. But, is there anything to writing styles, types or colors of inks, or aging of the inks? 3. Any of words of wisdom? Thank you!
  4. Ive scoured the internet trying to figure this one out, and struck out. Does anyone know?
  5. This is great! I hope they do expand it soon. What a potential tool. The value of old photos will go up if someone can apply names to them. Thanks for posting this.
  6. If this has already been posted somewhere, I apologize. Ive been using Compress Photos and Pictures for a few weeks now and wanted to give a personal review. This app makes posting pictures on here very easy. Heres how: 1. Take pictures with your iPhone or iPad. 2. Open app and import the pictures. It will show you how big they are before you start. 3. Use the slider to reduce the file size or use the default. Usually I dial down to 30% on both size and quality. 4. The best part is the app will create a folder for these reduced files. You can choose to keep original large files or have the app delete them. This is great for when you are just posting and dont need the originals anymore. Plus you still have the reduced pictures in a folder that you can use to post again if needed. Overall this app makes posting on this and other forums better and helps you organize the photos for future use. Chris
  7. For what it’s worth, I was able to schedule some business down in Louisville on Wednesday. I should be available by about 2:00-pm Wednesday and all day Thursday. I am willing to help out with anything if needed. I sent my OVMS membership in early last week. So if any OVMS SOS staff are on here and still need helpers, please PM me. Thank you.
  8. Is this ordnance patch considered oversized? Side note, I cant see to find anything to determine what div, inf, etc this this belonged to.
  9. I love this post! Doesnt matter what in this world you collect and sell, theres at least one dingus doing it as well.
  10. Thanks AZ. Ive been on the road the past couple of days, so I am just getting back to the forum. But I also had time to reflect a bit about what I found. I realized that these scrapbooks were made by a man in his early 30s, had a career, and was newly married. As I was driving, I mentally kept thinking about these things he chose to save and hightlight in his scrap book. I kept fixating on the toothbrush, trying to think why that would be important. Then it dawned on me. If I step back and look at the group as a whole, it became clear to me. He had humanized his experience in the war. His scrapbook was filled with things that made him laugh, things he had enjoyed or was proud of. His pictures showed families, friends, and life going about its day. There was not one picture of him or anyone in combat gear. There was not any pictures of destruction or death. My aunt told me He had been classified as someone who was needed more at his company he worked for than to carry a rifle. He volunteered because he was ashamed of having to try to explain why he wasnt in service or go through the humiliation of being called names. So he enlisted on his own, proceeded to be trained to do a job. And to do that job well, you must dehumanize. Im a bit ashamed for some initial disappointment at not finding anything that would fall into the categories we covet as collectors (except patches). Truth is now that Ive digested this all, Im proud that he somehow did the job he was asked to do. Nothing more, nothing less. And through it, He never lost his character. He showed how life still mattered.
  11. The last two are just funny. If youve made it this far, thank you!
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