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  1. I know that the "wing guys" will not likely share the same enthusiastic opinion, but I think that a general collector's reference on the U.S. Army Balloon Corps would be an excellent addition to anyone's library. Focusing on just the wings that were worn would take away from the other incredible pieces of Balloon Corps history that is out there. As for the reference book in question, I have no idea. I, like you, would be very interested in what people have to say about the 2nd edition.

  2. The uniform itself is not World War II - most likely 1950's or later. World War II dress blues did not have front pockets. The shoulder patches were also dropped after the war, so by the time this pattern uniform was in use - shoulder patches were not worn.

  3. Great work Kat! My highest compliments!


    I have a set of domed brass that are actually World War II vintage. They have extra long screw posts, with the later war nut. They are kind of an anomaly, but are definitely original to the named 8th Air Force coat that they are on.

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