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  1. Considering that I don't even see a trigger mechanism, I think that is very likely a toy, inspired from the movie.


    Is there a means to ignite a charge in the tube? (A vent, touch-hole, nipple, etc)


    I doubt that the gauge of metal is even safe to fire as a gun.


    I also cannot see using a firearm such as this against professional soldiers of the Japanese Empire. Certainly not a gun that could stand up to a T99 Arisaka....



  2. Veterans are known to receive retroactive awards pertaining to their service in war-time. Many veterans qualified for a certain medal/award, but for some reason, they never received it. Sometimes this was because paperwork was lost, or the deed was overlooked. There are, of course, many other reasons that a soldier was never awarded a medal that he otherwise should have received.


    I often notice that some collectors are suspicious of some uniforms that lack a medal that, in theory, should be on a given uniform. While this should raise a red flag in many cases, one should also keep in mind that many soldiers never received a medal that they had qualified for. My father's service in the army would be a good case-in-point.




    Very nice group!! I wonder why he recieved his DFC so many years later?


  3. Hello Ray,


    The sweatband, while soft, and in superb condition, is not flexible enough to bend safely. I have already tried, but I did not want to risk damaging the hat. I did notice that there is no reed present behind the band.


    Thank you everyone for your opinions!



  4. I appreciate the comments!


    New Romantic,


    There are not any visible makers mark that I can see. I had assumed that it was indeed WWI, but there seems to be a gray area when it comes to those hats made just post war. It seems to be all the more murky when it comes to privately made officer hats.



  5. I have a Type 9, with shorter tab. This was removed from an Ike long ago. I am not so sure that a short tab indicates a problem. I think that the jacket looks good, but this is based on the photographs presented. We will need better pics to say for sure.




    That patch looks like a late-war to post war scribble eyes 101st patch. I don't like the tab on it at all. In my opinion, it's too short.



  6. Originally. the Air Service was attached to the United States Signal Corps. It wasn't until a bit later that they had become a part of the Army (Army Air Service). Nice early one that you have their, with an earlier design to boot!






    Here is a disc I recently posted but thought I would post it here in case others didn't see it. I am told this is a rare air corps collar disc and French made.

  7. Personally, I would be very careful about messing around with insignia on uniforms. One of the golden rules of collecting is that we don't want anything "messed with". Cutting a patch partially off a uniform, then restitching it back on would definitely be messing with history. If the patch is indeed original, then you just messed with a perfectly original jacket, and history. If the patch is not original, then you will have yet another problem. I would use a loupe to examine the threads that were used to hold on the patch, as well as the fibers on the patch itself. If the fiber is synthetic, it is likely spurious. Use a black light to help in determining authenticity. If every other method has been exhausted, and you still cannot tell, then proceed with caution, and at your own risk. Just don't mess with history.



  8. Just picked this up. This one is rumored to have belonged to both the Kaiser, and Annie Oakley. Perhaps you fella's could help substantiate this.


    The real question is:


    When exactly does this hat date? I am assuming WWI.


    The wool felt is of a very high quality. Nice, flexible brim, with no stitching on the brim. Russet sweat band, with a black chin strap.


    Thank you!





  9. The correct nomenclature would be "Army Air Service", as the United States did not have an "Air Corps" until 1926, well after the Armistice. The later model discs, including the transitional collar discs from between the wars, can rightfully be called "Air Corps" collar discs/brass, while the former model is more properly referred to as "Air Service".


    It should also be noted that the Air Service collar disc that bears the silver prop is usually referred to as the "1st Pattern" Air Service Disc - a somewhat more difficult version to find.


    On a side note - the barbed wire is referred to as "pig tail" wire...classic!


    Great stuff!






    The Air Corps disk looks like an original, US made WWI enlisted disk.

    I think you found some good stuff!


  10. That is a very sentimental observation of what a veteran is.


    My grandfather was in basic training during the First World War. He was discharged during basic because the war had ended.


    He was never officially a soldier - just a recruit. Was he a veteran?

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