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  1. I am almost certain that this is a road marker - probably for Ohio State Route 5. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the Civil War.
  2. Military collecting as we know it did not come into its own much before the 1960's. Before that time, military surplus (including Civil War items) were considered junk that no one outside the hunting & camping world would want. We really do have a young hobby, and my how it has grown!
  3. The base material should be either blue or white if it were WAVES, not OD.
  4. The answer is "who knows". Without having talked to the veteran himself, it's really anyone's guess. While it is "possible" that a German soldier could have made this into a boot knife, it is rather unlikely. Arms and equipment issued by the Reich was deemed "property of the Reich", and any sort of destruction of this property was forbidden. In England, arms and equipment of the Crown were deemed property of the King, and were not subject to modification (destruction). Of course, I'm sure it did happen. More than likely, this was ground down by the soldier who captured it while he was
  5. I think that this is US militia, C. 1850's. The uniform would definitely fit into the myriad of militia uniforms of the period, which ranged from Revolutionary War style uniforms, 19th century coatees, and uniforms of French and British influence. The sword looks like one of the bone or ivory gripped militia swords of the period, and not a fraternal sword as has been suggested. The crimson sash also looks distinctly American, identical to those used in the Civil War by NCO's.
  6. If they wore them into 1944, then it should be safe to assume that they were worn until the end of the war, when the soldiers and their black ties went home. Sounds logical.
  7. Here is a recent patch acquisition of mine, but I am not sure when this one dates from. It is not like the others that I have seen, which leads me to believe that it is an older one. In this scarce or desirable?
  8. Exactly how many REAL helmets have we seen with such markings? Some of these are just over the top when it comes to make believe.
  9. I encounter this a lot at flea markets. I once found a British made US WWII canteen, and of course I was very interested. When I asked about the price, he removed it from the table, explaining that it was reserved for someone else. If an item is reserved, TAKE IT OFF THE TABLE!
  10. I have thought about doing an investigation, but I have heard that it can encourage activity. Once they know that the living can communicate, they will make more of an effort to do so. I'll pass on that.
  11. We have owned the house we are in now for a little over 20 years, and since day 1 we have experienced paranormal activity here. Once the "relic room" (as we call it) began to fill up, a lot of the activity seemed to center around that room, as well as the attic (whose entrance is in the relic room). The house was built in 1912, and we know that the second owner of the house (1923 - 1967) died in this house, and we have all encountered her here. There is also a black shadow figure that lingers in the hallway outside the relic room door, and tends to be hostile toward women. If a new female stay
  12. I know that HBO was going to make "1776" (McCullough) into a miniseries - which follows the campaigns of George Washington, but I have not heard anything about it for a couple years. The Revolutionary War is grossly underrepresented, and I think it needs to be addressed. A miniseries about the War of 1812 or the Mexican War would also be interesting. I also like someone's idea about the Harlem Hell Fighters - that would have a lot of potential as well.
  13. Let's just face facts. We military collectors are a weird bunch!
  14. I am a somewhat complicated individual - I have many interests, many opinions that sometimes conflict with one another, and I tend to reflect quite a bit and at times be very philosophical. That being said, I collect everything. I like uniforms, medals, guns, field gear, paper items, and everything in between. Since I am not a simple individual, neither are my collecting interests! Could it also be that collectors such as myself get bored easily, so we need to keep things diverse? You made be consider something that I never really thought about before.
  15. Nice patch. I agree, I have also never seen one that deviates in size from the norm.
  16. It's a good jacket. I had one like this, except mine was artillery, not cavalry. This depot pattern is pretty scarce!
  17. The M1860 Army revolver is merely suggestive. He could just as easily have been mounted or heavy artillery. What we do know is that he is an NCO (courtesy of his M1851 NCO belt plate), with an artillery or cavalry shell jacket. The sword hangers could have just as easily have held a M1840/1860 cavalry saber, or a M1840 artillery saber. These army revolvers were basically available to anyone who wanted to acquire one. They were not branch specific, and it was not at all uncommon for army revolvers to be used by the navy, and navy revolvers to be used to the army. Police revolvers were used
  18. The 82nd tends to get overlooked for anything 101st. Surprised he didn't want to keep an 82nd.
  19. I'd be all over that like gravy on a ham hock. Everything looks desirable...
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