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  1. Very nice piece! All too often, people tend to forget that the dog tag really had it's origin in the Civil War. They were always private purchase, typically obtained from the camp sutler, and I have also seen these in period advertisements.


    What I find most intriguing is that there are a number of these that have come from New Hampshire. In the past year, I have seen 3 come from the 15th New Hampshire alone - all being "right as rain". It's one of those anomalies in collecting I suppose.


    Though I collected Civil War for around 20 years, I have never really pulled the trigger on one of these. I think it might be time to renew my search.

  2. Around 20% of my collection is actually on display. My New Years resolution for 2014 is to increase that percentage by putting together more themed displays. Alas, some items are destined to just be photographed, and then placed back in a box for decades to come. Sometimes it seems like a waste, but you can display only so much of the things you love. The best of the best gets displayed or boxed, and the rest is used to fund the hobby. The latter occupies a spare bedroom on its own.


    In my opinion, we all need intervention!

  3. Many of the same concerns manifested themselves to me as well. As intriguing as the insignia is, the uniform just seems too simple, too mundane to be a fake. If someone were to fake an airborne uniform, wouldn't they ham it up with jump wings and all the other bells and whistles?


    Also, the airborne patch looks like it is original to the uniform.


    I think that this uniform is "right", but we don't know enough about the identity of the soldier to make "sense" of the uniform.

  4. Hardtack is susceptible to insect damage. During the Civil War, soldiers referred to them as "worm castles", and many commented that they were infested with weevils, and other insects. I have seen hardtack from the Civil War era with insect damage, which was most likely ancient.


    That being said, like I had suggested before - a riker mount would be sufficient to keep it protected from the environment and insects that are desperate enough to eat such a delicacy.

  5. I have a very nice M35 Kriegsmarine in my collection, but I don't think the one here is a Kriegs. The Kriegsmarine decal should be a nice, deep golden color. There shouldn't be much debate about what it is.


    In my opinion, this is a very nice looking Heer helmet, with a decal that has toned over the years.

  6. I disagree. While it does not pertain to helmets, I have a large quantity of German parachute that came as part of a grouping that belonged to a doctor in the Field Artillery. I was informed that they (Americans) had used the canopy as camouflage cover for the guns. Most of his time in the army centered around his involvement in the Battle of the Bulge.


    With that being said, I would not think it impossible for a soldier to have used some of this canopy as camouflage for his helmet.

  7. Anyone that knows anything about the Civil War has no doubt heard of Ed Bearss. He has written numerous books on the Civil War, and has appeared in countless documentaries about the war. Even at 90 years old, Ed gives walking tours and lectures at Civil War battlefields and events, and anyone would agree that his knowledge about the war is equaled by NONE. I was very much aware that he was a World War II USMC veteran, but I was not aware that he was severely wounded at Suicide Creek, at the battle of New Britain! I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful interview with him on Youtube, which details his service in World War II, including the fight at Suicide Creek!.




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