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  1. The Chassuer uniform in the Union army did indeed use red kepis, as did some zouave regiments, and even some Confederate artillery units.


    However, this piece does not date from the Civil War period. It looks like an older reenactor's piece, and is not an accurate representation of what a kepi should look like (Chaussuer, or otherwise).


    Also, the "US" device is a World War II era officer's lapel device.

  2. Civil War musical instruments that are unit marked are incredibly rare, and this one would be one of the nicest I've seen. It would be a centerpiece in my collection for sure! I love the fact that he is clearly sporting a P1853 Enfield rifled musket, and a side knife to boot! Definitely one of the nicest Federal images that I've seen!


    He is also one of the many Civil War soldiers that died of their wounds after hostilities ended - supporting the fact that well over 620,000 died from the war - with some estimates as high as 800,000+. Many of these were from disease, but many such diseases were battle/wound related.


    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I would NOT put this inside a helmet. That white paint will come off inside the helmet, and really make a mess of the inside of your lid. I bought a minty fixed bail M1 with a YELLOW liner, and it was a chore removing all the yellow smudges from the inside of the helmet.


    As for taking off the white paint? As long as it can be done properly, I would do it.

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