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    I buy and sell historical objects as a hobby. I like to own them for awhile and share them with those around me. They make for great stories and I get to interact with some very interesting people along the way. After some time goes by, I pass them on to others so they can do the same with those around them. This living history gets more people interested in what transpired in the past. History is amazing, but it isn't taught in an amazing way in most classrooms. I still can't get through to a few people, but it is nice to see a person's eyes light up, so to speak, when they come across very old items from things that interest them in the present.
  1. What an interesting watch and the state of preservation of the dial and the hands is immaculate. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thank you for that information!
  3. Am I correct in stating that this is a forgery of a WWI French-made type 1 Distinguished Service Cross? The patina looks painted on. It is too uniform and way too dark. It is for sale right now on Ebay. Perhaps the dealer got conned into purchasing a reproduction and doesn't know any better? He has sold thousands of items and should know better by now, one would think.
  4. The research I just witnessed was epic. Bravo gentlemen!
  5. Thank you for sharing. I never would have guessed. I love these anachronistic gems.
  6. Two questions. What is the sheepskin lined leather appendage called and is it possible this was for some ski troops?
  7. I reread the label. I believe it says "L. Siberston & Sons Ltd, London" which is a defense contractor in in the UK.
  8. I bought this back in the 80's from a guy who said this was a bomber hat of some sort from Great Britain, but it is clearly not. What I would like to know is what it really is. Any help would be appreciated. It seems to me to be a WWII era leather hat made in England. The defense contractor stamp inside says Bilberstos & Sons Ltd. London. The size is 6 7/8.
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