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  1. Generally the patch was always worn on the left shoulder. The only time SSI is seen on the right shoulder is with the Aussie jackets. If you take a look at a lot of period photos, most Marines have the patch on the right shoulder on Aussies
  2. That was just a typo in his service record. Everything else with his name in the service record is spelt correctly.
  3. Here is what is known as an "Aussie" jacket. When the 1st Marine Division arrived in Australia after heavy combat in Guadalcanal early 1943, they were issued the Australian battle dress blouse and trousers, because of a shortage of US forest green service uniforms. This uniform is named to a William H. Brintrup. William grew up in Long Island, New York and would enlist into the Marine Corps on October 10th 1940. William would serve as a Mortarman (MOS 607) in 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. William would fight on Guadalcanal, taking part in key battles such as Edson Ridge, Matanikau River, and the Battle of Tulagi. After the rough fighting and living conditions on Guadalcanal, William would disembark in Australia with the rest of his unit for some well earned rest and liberty. This is also where the uniform depicted would be issued to him. The good times in Australia would come to an end and William as well as the rest of the 1st Marine Division would start heading for Cape Gloucester. From December 29th 1943 - February 10th 1944 William would participate in offensive and defensive operations at Cape Gloucester. After actions at Cape Gloucester, the 1st Marine Division would set up a temporary home in Pavuvu. Luckily William would only spend a few months here before finally having the opportunity to sail home. By the 7th of July 1944 William would finally reach American soil and disembarked at San Diego, California. William was lucky to make it through heavy combat without suffering any injuries from the enemy. On the 18th of September 1945, Williams would be honorably discharged from the Marine Corps.
  4. Thank you! And I agree that they are extremely difficult to find, especially named items.
  5. Here is the uniform of Leonard Andrew Chapelle. Leonard Chappelle was born in New Haven Connecticut on May 10th 1924. He enlisted into the Navy as a Corpsman on July 31st 1942. By January 14th 1944 he had completed his Hospital Corps School and Field Med School. On January 28th 1944 he would report into the Fleet Marine Force. Chapelle got his first taste of combat while participating in the assault and capture of Guam. It was a tough and bloody fight that lasted almost a month. The fighting resulted in 3,000 US servicemen dead and over 7,000 wounded. The Japanese would lose over 18,000 soldiers in this battle. Chapelle would then be transferred to 3rd Battalion, 22nd Marines, 6th Marine division on the 19th of September 1944. By April 1st 1945 he was assaulting Okinawa. The battle would last 82 days with the intent of using Kadena Air Base to invade Japan. America had 12,520 servicemen killed in action on Okinawa. It is estimated that roughly 110,000 Japanese soldiers lost their lives.
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