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  1. Here's a couple of War Dog manuals I came across recently. I thought I'd post pics to see what people have to say and maybe determine how common/uncommon they are. I've haven't seen this style of War Dog manual in my research. They are definitely earlier versions, marked "tentative" and dated February and March, 1943. These were found in a grouping consisting of two footlockers and one plastic tub of virtually everything this guy came home with after the war. One of the footlockers is marked in hand stenciling "Pinedale" along with the soldiers name.... Camp Pinedale was in Fresno, CA (My home
  2. Unknown what type of bunk your looking for, but... here's a link to ww2 metal bunks....these have to be wartime or early post-war: http://store.colemans.com/cart/bed-folding...s-gi-p-320.html WW2 wood style, small differences to the originals I've seen: http://store.colemans.com/cart/wooden-bunk...ary-p-2250.html Post-war/modern style: http://store.colemans.com/cart/military-me...ble-p-1308.html Shipping will probably kill ya. I've found bunks on craigslist in the seattle area. Hope that helps Phil
  3. Here are a few more pictures: Left Side with "704" marking. Looks earlier than most block style WW2 numbering you see. Close up of lockable drawer. Backing of lock mechanism on door: Inside construction Lock Mechanism: Labled slot "B Transport"?? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the comments so far. Just to clarify, I've looked this thing over and can find NO evidence of modification. The light colored strip on the internal left vertical side is just a discoloration of the wood. The plate on the interior side of the door is not a data/manufacturers plate. It is the backing to the lock mechanism which is recessed into the wood of the door. I'll try to post some additional pics, including a pic of the one marking on the thing. The left side has "704" penciled on it. Thanks, Phil
  5. This is a recent Craiglist find. Not bad for $40. It appears to be the Company size field desk, but it has some differences from most that I see. Anyone have an idea of the Era? It has wire type handles as seen in some post WW2 stuff, but it has a more primitive lock mechanism. It also does not have the fiber covering as seen on field desks of WW2 and early "Officers style" footlockers, thus leaving the plywood exposed. Any suggestions? Pre-war? WW1? Thanks
  6. I found this recently and am lost regarding the purpose of having these stars inverted. Any ideas? BTW, notice the lower one has remnants showing it was originally upright. Thanks for any help.
  7. Wow, I had no idea these were so sought after. There was a load released in the late 90's from a DRMO here in California, all with 60's dates, all unissued, with the early soles. I worked at a surplus store at the time and we sold em for $35/pair. I should check with my old boss to see if any are still on the shelf. Most were 10W and 9XW from what I recall. Phil
  8. I couldn't get the above link to work, but here is where I got my t-shirt: http://www.lakescreenprinting.com/milprodd...l.asp?Prod_ID=6 Phil
  9. Hey Phil, nice to see on the forum!


  10. Here is my trash can. Not sure what era it is from, as I am not up on my Navy nomenclature. But for $3, I can't go wrong: The torch was long gone. Phil
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