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    I'm looking for WW2 3rd army related items
  1. I really like your displays i even come close to what you have :thumbsup:
  2. Very nice,i like that WW1 3rd army uniform a lot
  3. I just came across this garrison cap it has blue piping for infantry and a LT bar it is in my eyes a normal EM/NCO garrison cap.could it be that the owner had a battlefield commison?? http://www.pastgloriesmilitaria.com/shop/v...0804&phqu=3
  4. patrick1974

    War room

    Great War room and collection Oddball
  5. Amazing collection :drool2: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  6. Very nice collection i like that 10th AD uniform :drool2:
  7. Unbelievable collection that is what i call dedication :thumbsup:
  8. Good God!!I have been to museums that didn't had this much stuff and don't get me started about the horse simply amazing.So now i have hurt myself in that my yaw just hit the floor from looking at your.. well collection but there must be some other word for it.Truly dedication this is.When it's done and people com over and want to watch you have to ask admittion to enter
  9. Amazing collection i really enjoyed seeing it
  10. Absolutely amazing collection i can imagine when you are sitting there how you must enjoy your collection
  11. Sweet very sweet collection en greatly displayed
  12. Very nice uniform and tribute to your grandfather.
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