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  1. Steve, It is very possible that Mexican War Veterans held their reunions alongside Grand Army of the Republic reunions. I have seen GAR National Encampment ribbons that were made for Mexican War Veterans. A quick search for "Mexican War Veterans" and "Missouri" resulted in the following information: MISSOURI ASSOCIATION OF MEXICAN WAR VETERANS REUNION NOTICE, 1904 "Announcement of a reunion of the National Association of Mexican War Veterans by the president of the Missouri Association, Odon Guitar, to be held in St. Louis, 16-17 September 1904."
  2. It is my experience that the word "Annual" is used when referring to a state level reunion. In this case, it appears to me to be a reunion for the Department of Missouri. It also suggests that there might be ribbons for the previous reunions as well. That would make for an interesting, but an extremely hard to acquire, collection of reunion ribbons. This is the first Missouri related ribbon for Mexican War Veterans I have ever seen. And, it is in excellent condition. Hope this was helpful. Kevin
  3. In addition to the above, I have also found a Marine Corps League membership badge with a Meritorious Service bar. The reverse is unattributed. I could not determine what criteria were necessary for members to be granted the wearing of this bar.
  4. I have recently found a Marine Corps League Past National Commandant badge. The reverse is unattributed, so it is not traceable to any individual. According to the MCL website, as of 2006, there were 56 Past National Commandants and 12 Honorary Past National Commandants.
  5. Sorry about that. You were most likely referring to the 1928 M.O.S. Grand Convocation in Chillocothe, Ohio. The badge being made by the Lilley Company, perhaps with the very die I showed above. The reverse, as shown below, has the following text "THE LILLEY CO. / COLUMBUS, O. "
  6. Are you referring to the 1928 Supreme Convocation (reunion) badge from Havana, Cuba? These are the best images I could get with my camera. (This particular example has some lacquer on it.) At the bottom it says, "MADE / IN / U.S.A." and has a circular symbol. I cannot make out if it is a Lilley maker's mark. If this does not answer your question, please let me know. Kevin
  7. Ken, For those that aren't familiar with G.A.R. and Allied Order reunion badges, could you identify what we are seeing here? I started off just like this with my G.A.R. Chicago 1900 National Encampment collection. This is the formation of a really nice collection. Kevin
  8. Thanks! For those that may be interested in reading it, I'll be sure to let people know when it gets published. I learned a lot while researching the Imperial Order of the Dragon. They were an interesting mix of veterans and their insignia were a cut above the rest. Kevin
  9. Ok, all. I submitted my article to OMSA yesterday. I sincerely appreciate the help given to me by Forum members. They tell me that the article is in the cue and is likely to get published in the next 3-4 issues. If anyone is interested in reading it, I can let you know when it sees print. Kevin
  10. All, I am writing an article for the Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America on Imperial Order of the Dragon membership badges. For this article I have examined more than 30 I.O.D. membership badges. Each official I.O.D. badge is supposed to have the member number stamped on it from the badge maker. And, in all of the genuine examples I have studied, this is the case. That being said, I had a question about official badges. "What happened when a member had a badge lost, stolen, or damaged?" Did they request a replacement badge and one was special ordere
  11. I picked up this Marine Corps League Auxiliary Past President pin recently. It is hand engraved PAST PRES. / M.C.L. Aux. on the obverse and '50-'51 on the reverse. There are no maker's marks, nor medal content stamps, nor attribution.
  12. I don't understand your question. Are you trying to research F.D. Giles? Are you trying to learn more about engraved lighters?
  13. I agree, I think it stands for United States Volunteers. This patch was probably made around the time of the Spanish American War. It doesn't look anything like Roosevelt. Maybe it is one of the officers from the Rough Riders?
  14. Those are fantastic Cootie badges! I've never seen those bars before and appreciate your sharing them. There is a good chance that the engraver made the letter "P", lost concentration, then added the down stroke thus making the "R", then had to fix things by adding the irregular P. The funny thing is, this is exactly the kind of craziness I would expect from a cootie. So, there is a non-zero chance that this was on purpose. 😄 Kevin
  15. I am afraid I cannot answer any of your questions, but that is one great looking society medal! Kevin
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